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PEP stands for Parent Engagement Panel. Enfield Council set it up in 2013. Being part of the PEP Family is about getting involved in your community. PEP will become its own Charity in 2016.


The members of PEP are local parents/carers/grandparents that come together across 6 areas of Enfield; one of these areas is the Walker Area PEP.


PEP is about you and your local community. PEP gives parents a voice. Frequently Enfield Council looks to its PEP members as a representative group for example when it comes to Enfield consultations. 


The school provides a base and the majority of attendees are at the school. People are also welcome from nearby schools and nurseries.  PEP offers monthly coffee mornings and a huge number of well-run free workshops and training courses. These include the Parent Champion Course, Antenatal training, Child Protection Awareness and Budget Awareness.


At the Walker Area PEP Coffee mornings we raise and discuss community issues important to you. This could be local road safety, family support or back to work opportunities. Through the minutes, we then have the opportunity to take the issues and go back to the council to try and do something.


Joining PEP may not be about what you need personally, but it gives you the chance to find out more about your local community. This may mean you can then share that knowledge with another parent in the playground or a neighbour. This knowledge could be about local Council services or a local support group. This is how PEP is working to enrich and bring communities together.


Next Coffee Morning: Friday 11th December after drop-off. 


Friday, 11th December 2015 - 9.15


1.      Attendees complete register


2.      Welcome and introductions


3.      Minutes of last meeting


4.      Guest from Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) to speak on Domestic Violence, general work CAB is

         doing and about volunteering opportunities


5.      Update from Trustees meeting


6.      Feedback on:

               PEP sponsored walk

               Parent Champion training

               Antenatal project

               Welfare reform workshop (CAB)

               Honilands community fundraising evvent

               Child Protection training Level 2 (ECYPS)


7.      Upcoming training/workshop:

               First Aid training

               Energy best deal workshop - CAB


8.      FASH (Families and Adolescent Support


9.      Upcoming events:

               PEP Graduation ceremony

               PEP cultural evening

10.     PEP Members support session (confidential)


11.     Any other business