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Year 3

Narrative Poems


Narrative poetry is a form of poetry that tells a story. This week year 3 have been looking at Little Red Riding Hood by Roald Dahl. 


Watch the following video;


Thank you!








This week in Scratch we have been looking at being able to use coding to change characters costume.


Use the link below to log on;


3AM sign in using the following log in details;




3S sign in using the following details:




Select 'Tips' and then select 'Let's Dance', can you follow the steps?



Year 3 have been working on Scratch in ICT, exploring different scripts.

Have a go at the following script below. What does it draw?

Now have a go at Monster Maze!



 Monster Maze

We are scientists! We took part in a BBC Doctor Who Live Learning Lesson.

Seasonal Card Competition


More stepping back into the Stone Age! A Huge THANK YOU to all staff and parents who supported us on the trip today!


Celtic Harmony Trip (2/11/18)


We have been asked by Celtic Harmony to inform parents and carers that adults and children attending are advised to wear

- two layers of warm clothing (not school uniform)

- thermals

- waterproof boots/wellies

- waterproof jacket

- waterproof trousers

- warm coat/jacket


Thank you,


Year 3 Team


Half Term Homework;


Children will receive two pieces of homework, Maths Investigation and Comprehension.


To support the comprehension visit the following sites;


How are Fossils made?

What can we learn from fossils?


We wish you a restful and fun half term!



3AM Assembly 'Push and Pull' Song


This week's spellings, focus on 'ai' sound spelt 'ei' and 'eigh'.


Links to help with sounds;


Challenge; Can you write each word in a sentence?




This month's Global Goal is 'Peace and Justice Month'.


We celebrate this goal by looking at significant people around the world in our past and present whom have been role models and have promoted equality. 


We were very privileged to have met a motivational speaker named 'Siya Twani' who came in and took our school assembly at the start of the month. He spoke to the children about the meaning of equality and the importance of acceptance and respect to others. He shared events from history which shows why Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King are role models.


Here are stories which show racial and social class equality. You can share these stories with your child/children to help their understanding of peace and equality; to start discussions on fairness; to discuss how we can help others today (Harvest Festival);



Ask the following questions;

How can you bring love and peace to your circle of friends and family? 

How can we promote peace and respect in our school and local community? 


Kind regards


Mrs Abdi (Humanities Lead) and Mrs Adem (Unicef Rights Respecting Lead)


Spellings focused on 'u' sound spelt 'ou. Set on 8.10.18; tested on 15.10.18.


touch young tough  rough  cloud

couple  cousin enough  double 

encourage flourish nourish  courage trouble




Year 3 Team


Play Scripts- Literacy this week has been to plan and write a play script. 


Here is a fun video to help remember the features!



Year 3 Team



Interpreting Bar Charts



Year 3 Team





In class we are learning about collecting data (information) in a tally and then presenting the information in a pictogram and bar chart.


Here are some games to help your understanding on pictograms!


Image result for pictograms





Homework set on 04/10/2018. Due in on Tuesday 09/10/2018.


Spellings set on Monday 01/10/2018. To be tested on Monday 08/10/2018.

Words spelled with 'y' for the 'I' sound.


















For more support, have a look at this site:


Scratch- attempt a smoking car at home!

Week 4 Homework set on 28/09/18;


A suffix is a letter or group of letters that goes on the end of a word and changes the word's meaning.

Sometimes they also change the original word's spelling. When adding a suffix you might have to double the last letter. For example when adding 'ed' to 'drop' you also double the p so it becomes 'dropped'.


Some suffixes have specific uses. Adding ‘ing’ can change a noun into a verb eg 'garden' to 'gardening'. While ‘ed’ can put a verb in the past tense eg 'jump' to 'jumped'.


The suffix -less means without e.g. worthless means it has no value.

The suffix -full means full of or having e.g. faithful meaning loyal and that you will stick by someone.

The suffix -ness means the state of being... e.g. illness the state of being ill.



Spellings focused on SUFFIXES -ness, –ful, -ment –less set 24/09/18; Tested on 1/10/18:


hopeful playful sadly happiness movement

payment friendly dullness enjoyment fearless

beautiful brightness craziness heaviness loneliness


A video to help!


Do you understand the meaning of each word?




Spellings set 17/09/18; Tested on 24/09/18:


closer happier diver
closest fluffiest maker
shinier driest chilliest
shiniest maker tiniest
biker cosiest latest

Year 3 enjoyed the French Theatre this afternoon with Dan Roro:

Year 3 enjoyed the French Theatre this afternoon with Dan Roro: 1
Year 3 enjoyed the French Theatre this afternoon with Dan Roro: 2


Roald Dahl Storytelling!


Year 2 and Year 3 had a fantastic time listening to the story of 'The Twits' by Roald Dahl.  They were told the story by a storyteller who made the story fun to listen to!  See the photos below... 


Scratch- Smoking Car


Log onto scratch and search 'Smoking Car'. Have a look inside to see the coding used- which sprite will you use?



Multiples of 4 and 8





Literacy- Roald Dahl


We have been reading Roald Dahl's books and answering a range of questions. Today we enjoyed zapping our teachers into an Alien using the 'Magic Finger'!


We used interesting adjectives to describe their appearance's.


Below is a video enjoying yet another amazing book by Roald Dahl. Dom and Dick read an extract from 'George's Marvellous Medicine'. Enjoy!






Answers to your questions from Meet The Teacher


Do you have Speakers Corner?

Yes we do and timetables will be up on our class page very soon.


Reading Records?

We would be more than happy for you to encourage children to write in their record books. We will also encourage this in class. Reading at home needs to now be for enjoyment hence why we allow them to select their own books (although we are there to support). At school and as part of homework, comprehension is continually taught and practised so the reading of the chosen home school text can be used to focus on continuing to develop reading stamina and enjoyment of the text. We will have task suggestions stuck into record books for the children to do once they've finished a book. This can be done with or without support and mentioned in record book.


Do you differentiate Mental maths test?

Mental maths tests are in the same format as SATs and therefore are not differentiated by sheet but by questions. There are a variety of styles of questions to suit all. It is important to practise the same format in preparation for SATs.


ICT- Scratch 

Scratch is taught as a class and log in details will be shared below for children to practise at home. Class teachers lead every session however animation due to resources is taught in class by specialists who bring in their own cameras and stands for the session to be taught at its best.   



Log in: walkerclass3s

Password: walker


Log in: y3am

Password: walker



Meet the Teacher Presentation


Week 1 Spellings focused on suffixes, 'ed' and 'ing';


bike close charge
biking closing charging
biked closed charged
hike amaze surprise
hiking amazing surprising
hiked amazed surprised


Usual number of spellings year 3 will have each week is 15, however sometimes it may just be under or over. Please ensure you practise the spellings daily. A useful way is writing each word into sentences. Remember to use the rules you learn in class.


Here is a video to help;


Thank you

Year 3 Team


Homework Week 1 set on 7/09/18; Due in 11/09/18

Picture 1


Welcome Year 3! Hope you all had a lovely summer!


We are very excited in getting to know you all this academic year!


Already we would like to excite you with one of our favourite topics, Roald Dahl! To celebrate we have a very inspirational story teller who is coming in on Tuesday 18th September, to share his enthusiasm of 'The Twits', but also give us opportunities to magpie and be inspired by his ideas to write our very own story.


Homework will be given out both maths and literacy first week back and we look forward to displaying all your fantastic 'Dream Jars'!


Please remember your new timetable in KS2 is;

10:30 Break time, where you'll be able to bring in healthy snack such as fruit.

12:00 Lunch time.

No afternoon break.


You will be taught French once a week on Wednesdays and Homework is given out weekly, both maths and literacy every Friday. Your homework will include your classes weekly timetable, which will help you to remember what to bring in on what day.


Look forward to Wednesday 5th September for our FIRST day in Year 3!


Year 3 Team smiley