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Costumes for Mary Poppins


Please bring in clothing close to images above. Here are some suggestions;


Sweep 1- grey/black/brown trousers, grey shirt and waist coat

Bert- grey/black/brown trousers, grey shirt and waist coat

Bert 3 and 4- (Jolly Holiday) smart colourful suit

Mary Poppins 5, 6 and 7- white/light pink/cream frilly smart dress

All other Mary Poppins in a black dress as images above.

Cook and Ellen- light coloured dress with apron

Nanny 1-4 and Katie Nanna- smart dark coloured dress

Michael- smart shorts, white shirt and tie or braces

Jane- smart, plain coloured dress 

Mrs Banks- Light blue or yellow dress

Mr Bank- black trousers and white shirt (school shirt is perfect), black blazer or waist coat.

Hunter - White or beige/tan trousers, white shirt, red jacket, black boots or wellies. Example above.

Market Sellers - black trousers, coloured or white shirt, braces/suspenders. Example above.


Thank you!