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Fit in 15



Fit in 15 gets children out of the classroom for fifteen minutes to run, jog, walk or move at their own pace, with their classmates, making them fitter, healthier, and more able to concentrate in the classroom. Fit in 15 is also run at lunchtimes twice a week. Children can participate in exciting active circuits with friends to stay moving at playtime and increase their fitness.


Student Voice:


I love being able to go out and do some exercise, it is very nice and also good for our health. After doing classroom work inside, it is brilliant we get to go out and stretch our legs and get some fresh air between lessons. I noticed that I think it helps me concentrate in lessons after doing exercise. During lunchtime, I also participate in the lunchtime fitness club led by Mr Cooper. We do different circuits most days and learn new skills as well. I enjoy learning different techniques for jumping throwing and using the floor ladder and I have also learnt how to use the equipment in a safe way. Also I like that during the lunchtime activities, it is for all ages. As I am one of the student PE Leaders I enjoy leading the activities for the younger year groups. I also get involved to demonstrate how to use the circuit. I enjoy lunchtimes a lot more now as there are many fun things to do, including the giant connect 4 and bean bag throw.


Sera 6HL (PE Leader)

"I find the children can concentrate for longer." Miss Shah, Y3 teacher


"I feel refreshed now. Everyone should try it, it doesn't matter if you're at home or school." Tora, Y5


"The fresh air is nice after we've been sitting in class". Sam, Y3