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Forces and Magents

This unit will teach the children about forces, friction and magnetic attraction. They will learn about forces in the context of pushing and pulling, and will identify different actions as pushes or pulls. The children will work scientifically and collaboratively to investigate friction, by exploring the movement of a toy car over different surfaces. They will work in a hands on way to identify magnetic materials. Furthermore, they will conduct an investigation into the strength of different types of magnet. The children will have chance to explore the way magnetic poles can attract and repel. They will develop their scientific enquiry skills, making observations, predictions and conclusions.

Wider Learning


Go Online: This website has an explanation about magnets and forces. It also has suggestions of books that children can read further their learning and understanding. Furthermore, the website has several links to activities and games that children can participate in, along with a handful of free downloadable worksheets and booklets.


Visit: The Science Musuem to investigate friction and magnetism in The Wonderlab.