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Fundraising Team

Chloe 5PT, Hannah 6H, Jennifer 6H, Nivain 6H, Dan 5PT, Dawud 5PT, Lyra 5PT, Eliza 5G, Aisha 5PT

          Learning to Lead!!!




I am OVER joyed to be elected for the Learning to Lead Fundraising Team and for those who did not get in they tried very hard too! I would be delighted for you to tell me any ideas that I could recommend to the team! I think the main reason I was elected was that I thought outside the box and was myself! I would like to thank Miss Malone, Ms Tailor and Mrs Salmon for electing me and the others for Learning to Lead.


By Eliza Clift 5G!

The learning to Learning to Lead Fundraising Team!


We are honoured to have been selected to be part of this amazing group. It’s a brilliant feeling to know that you have organised an event that so many people have enjoyed participating in. You can organise such big events that raise money for people who need money more than ourselves. It was extremely nerve-racking during the group interview, now we are over the moon that we have actually made it in. For those who did not make it in, we know that they tried just as hard as we did ourselves. We cannot wait to find out what events are coming to Walker this year. We would like to know what events you would like to bring to this school. So be sure to look out for the events that we have planned! If there are events you recommend for the team, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We thank Miss Malone, Ms Tailor and Miss Salmon for bringing us all together. We would like to say a huge thank you for putting us on the team.

                 By Lyra Fetahu and Aisha Choudhary  Class 5PT

Today we visited the unique charity, Computer Aid International. They refurbish donated computers in the UK and then send them to where they are most needed in the world. We went into the warehouse with all the IT equipment that had been donated and saw how they packed all of the equipment off to other countries, especially Africa. Furthermore, we asked many questions, from different members of their team, which were answered in much detail. We did some role play and answered questions on how ICT would benefit many people - doctors, teachers and farmers. Afterwards, we saw what they have done in other Countries. It was very interesting and we are full of ideas on how to fundraise for them. We are really going to enjoy our partnership alongside them and can't wait to start raising money!


Nivain 6H and Hannah 6H

Computer Aid International