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Healthy Lunch Challenge - Year 4 Cook Off 2019

Year 4 children took part in the Healthy Lunch Challenge this week, which is also Healthy Eating Week.  Every child had to design a healthy cold lunch for one person within a budget of £4.00, as part of their homework.  14 entries out of the whole year group were chosen to go through to the final 'Cook Off'.  The standard of the entries was extremely high.  All the children did a fantastic job, as you can see from the photos, which made it an extremely tough job for the judges.


In first place was Vasilia Constantinou (4KD) with her Scrumptious Summertime Surprise, Lilly Christodoulou (4KD) came second with her Pitta Surprise, Berry Delight and Cucumber Water, in third place was Polly Hancox (4KD) with her Fresh Spring Rolls and Mango Sorbet and Aiza Tahir (4D) came fourth with her Smoked Tikka Bolti Roll, Kanchumber Salad, Mint Chutney and Vermicelli Nest on a Mint Tree.

Vasilia, 1st prize and Lilly, 2nd prize winners had their Healthy Lunch put on the school menu last week. Here are some photos of our amazing winners.

Vasilia's Scrumptious Summertime Surprise Lunch


Rainbow Pomegranate Orzo Pasta Salad

Add precooked orzo pasta, pomegranate seeds, chopped fresh tomatoes, diced sweet peppers, chopped olives and cubes of feta into a bowl.

Add olive oil dressing.

Mix together.

Garnish with basil.


Fruit Honey Yogurt Surprise

Spoon a layer of yogurt into dessert glass

Then a layer of honey on top of the yogurt

Spoon a layer of fresh berries on top of honey

Repeat the process

Finally add fresh berries on top


Vasi Berry Burst

Add water to blackcurrant squash

Spoon fresh berries on top and decorate with mint leaf

Lilly's Pitta Surprise with Greek Berry Delight and a refreshing Cucumber Water


Pitta Surprise

Shred one crabstick and put in bowl

Add half a tin of tuna and salt free sweetcorn

Mix with mayonnaise

Half the wholemeal pitta bread and add the mixture


Greek Berry Delight

Pour plain Greek yogurt into a bowl

Add one spoon of honey

Cut up strawberries and add to bowl

Mix together


Refreshing Cucumber Water





Polly's Fresh Spring Rolls and Mango Sorbet


Fresh Spring Rolls

Soak 12g of rice paper to rehydrate

Chop and slice 100g carrots, 40g cucumber and 40g spring onion

Shred 150g cooked chicken

Place the filling in the rice paper

Fold the edges of the rice paper and roll

Serve with 40ml light soy sauce garnished with chilli and coriander


Mango Sorbet

Blitz 100g frozen mango in food processor

Serve in a glass garnished with 10g raspberries and sprig of mint