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Home Learning

Fun family games to be played with everyone!

Fun family games to be played with everyone! 1

Challenge- Can you guess the present?

Challenge- Can you guess the present? 1
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Guess my present?

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Ways to exercise


PE with Jo




Jump start Johnny


Just dance via you tube







Dear Parents and Carers,


Due to the unfortunate situation we are in, we have sent home yellow books which are labelled home learning.

This is only to be used for home learning which we will set once schools are officially shut. 

Below are links to support homework given and our learning so far.


Keep safe and healthy,

Year 3 team 



Week 4 - Numeracy 




Practise reading an analogue and digital clock.



Week 4- literacy


Creative writing- write an adventure story based on fun and exciting characters and settings. 

What is the dilemma in your story? 

How is it resolved? 


Try to include;

  • Fronted adverbials

  • Verbs and adverbs




Week 3- Numeracy


Angles and Lines


Look around your home for;

  • perpendicular lines
  • right angles
  • Intersecting lines
  • acute and obtuse angles


How many shapes can you see?


Numeracy homework for Week 2:

Multiplication game.


Game: Multiplication cards for 2 players.


You need: Playing cards with the Kings removed, and 24 counters (buttons/lego/etc)


  • Before you start: Take 12 counters each. Shuffle the cards and place them face down in a pile in the middle of the table.


  • Take turns to turn over the top two cards, multiply the two numbers together and say the answer. If you get a Jack, multiply by 11. If you get a Queen, multiply by 12.
  • The winner of the round is the player with the larger answer. The winner takes one of the other player’s counters.
  • Continue to pick up two cards each, and multiply the two numbers together.
  • When all the cards have been used, the winner is the player with more counters.


Challenge: Take turns to turn over the top three cards and multiply the three numbers together.


Numeracy homework for Week 1:

Place value riddles.


Can you solve these riddles?


a) Two of my digits are even, but my ones digit is odd. The sum of my digits is 11. I'm between 256 and 299, and I'm not 281. What am I?


b) I'm <200 and >130. I have three tens and twice as many ones. What am I?


c) I am an even number between 400 and 800. All three of my digits are even. My smallest digit is in the ones place. My ones digit is half of my tens digit. What am I?


d) I am a four digit number. My ones digit and my tens digit are equal. My only even number is in the hundreds place. I can be found in the 5 times table. The sum of my digits is 23. What am I?