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Week 5 Homework


Willy Wonka’s Factory 2

Read the ‘Rainbow Drop’ room.

Task 1

Underline the time connectives.

Circle adjectives (describing words).

Task 2

Draw the rainbow room as described.

Task 3

Use your senses to describe the rainbow drop- What does each colour taste and smell like? Has it got side effects?

Week 4's homework is focused on the book, 'A Journey into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!


Each week you will receive a page from the book with exciting activities as followed;


Willy Wonka’s Factory 1

Read the delicious and beautiful chocolate room.

Task 1

Underline prepositions.

Circle adjectives (describing words).

Task 2

Answer following questions;

  1. Find and copy the word that describes the size of the factory.
  2. Who is the guide and what does he look like?
  3. How was the chocolate churned to be made creamy and foamy?

Task 3

Use your senses to describe the chocolate room- What does the grass taste like? Is everything edible?


Can't wait to hear your ideas! smiley


Week 3- Adverbs

Week 2 homework- comprehension based on explanation text. 


Here is a link to help on understanding a text.



Week 1: 29/10/18