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Week 6- Roman Project, deadline 5th March. 


Over two weeks we would like you to gather information on Roman Baths. You will then present this information in a persuasive leaflet. 


Leaflets will be presented during our history lesson to the rest of the class. As a class, we will vote (anonymously) on the most persuasive leaflet and they will be be awarded with a headteachers sticker. 


Over the half term look at different advertisements. What techniques are used to make you want to buy something or visit a place?

Persuasive techniques


Sales and offers

Become a member and bring a friend for free!
Compliment your audience Someone with your class and intelligence deserves the best!
Bossy commands Come and join us! Spend a day at this luxury spa!
Rethorical question- a question where by the answer is already known.   Do you enjoy relaxing? Who doesn't want a break?                                       
Exaggerated adjectives     


highest standard.


Can't wait to see your unique leaflets!


Thank you


Week 5- Comprehension focused on vocabulary

Week 4 Homework- Punctuation.

Homework Task

Rewrite the letter Ariadne sent Theseus using the correct punctuation. Focus on each sentence carefully using; ABC . , ? ! ‘

Week 3 Homework - comprehension on 'Skeletons' (Non-fiction)

Week 2 Homework- Science activity on Germs


For science, Year 3 are learning about 'Animals including Humans'. This week we have learnt about healthy eating and different food groups.



1.            Read the facts and instruction page.

2.            Either make your own fizzy bath bomb or use a shop bought one to see the reaction it makes in water.

3.            If you cannot make the bath bomb using the instructions please design an information page on how and when to wash your hands. 

Task 3 - Posters on germs

Task 3 - Posters on germs 1
Task 3 - Posters on germs 2
Task 3 - Posters on germs 3