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Welcome to Humanities


Walker Primary school aims to inspire children's curiosity and fascination about the world future compared to the present and past!




Throughout Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, pupils are involved in investigating a variety of people, places and environments both locally, and further afield in the United Kingdom and also abroad. Geographical enquiry is undertaken inside and outside the classrooms and pupils are taught key skills such as; observing and recording, asking geographical questions, analysing evidence and drawing conclusions. Children are provided with opportunities to develop knowledge of globally significant places both terrestrial and marine, focussing of their characteristics through a range of topics. 




Like geography, history is taught within specific cross curricular themes with clearly identified learning objectives. Pupils learn about the lives and lifestyles of people in the past, including those of significant men, women and children as well as events from the recent and more distant past in our own area, as well as further afield in Britain and across the wider world. Chronological understanding is central to an understanding of history and our expectation is that as pupils move into Key Stage 2 they will be expected to be able to place events, people and changes into correct periods of time as well as using dates and vocabulary appropriately and with accuracy.


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History Progression Skills 

Geography Progression Skills

Why are enquiry skills in history important?

Using Maps, Geographical Skills and Fieldwork in P.E

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