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Persuasive Letter Writing


This week year 3 are using their knowledge on plastic pollution to write a letter to David Walliams suggesting ideas for his next book that can also cover the concerns on plastic!


Here are some story ideas to help us write our letter tomorrow!

Persuasive writing


This week Year 3 wrote an advert, persuading their readers to buy their house. We were very successful estate agents and were able to use many persuasive techniques in our writing. 


Here is a video which explains some of the techniques we used:

Plastic Pollution


This week our learning objective is to write a report on 'Plastic Pollution'. Using all the research made at home and school, we will be writing up a report to display around the school. We hope our reports will educate Walker students on the problems with plastic. 


Following links support this week's learning;!/register




Leo kindly brought in magazines this week to share with the class. Luckily, it supports our learning on 'Non-Chronological Reports', and we get to learn about the news from around the world!


Please can you kindly return the magazines by Monday 29th April, so we can use it in class but also share with 3S. We would also like to give the children opportunities to swap as they are all different.  


Non chronological reports