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Pupils are expected  be able to write down their ideas with a reasonable degree of accuracy and with good sentence punctuation. The aim is for your child to develop as a writer,  enhancing the effectiveness of what they write, expressing their ideas through increased evidence of grammatical conventions, with more varied vocabulary and narrative structures and beginning to understand how writing can be different from speech. Joined handwriting is expected to be the norm.

Spring Term 2- The Magic Faraway Tree


Year 3 are enjoying reading, ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’.


Our aim is to create and describe our own magical land.


Below is a link to The Enid Blyton Society. Here you can explore her many successful books and Enid Blyton herself!


Enid Blyton’s chapters from The Magic Faraway Tree were then recreated as fun animations. 


Watch below 😊

Week 3- Myths and Legends


What is a Myth?


For the next 3 weeks, year 3 will be exploring different myths and legends.


We will then go onto describing our own hero/heroine and mythical creature, before putting them on a quest in our stories. 


Please use the following link to read myths and legends from around the world.






We really enjoyed watching Pigeon Impossible. We are using it as a stimulus for writing a recount.


Pigeon Impossible -

Recounts -