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Tuesday- describe the character and his/her purpose in our story using adjectives, similes and fronted adverbials. An example below;


Elegantly, she floated above the sweet, candy-floss clouds. Penelope lived happily with her family, and although her city was crowded with happy and caring people, she was special.


Amongst any crowd, Penelope stood out for her charm and witty humour. She was taller then average and had glossy, long and rich burgundy locks. In the sun, her eyes glistened and twinkled like stars.


Daily, the city would hear horrendous cries coming from the country sides. Yet again, another innocent animal was taken. This saddened the people of Cloudly, so Penelope knew she had to put an end to this terrifying monster!


Tuesday 29th January 2019

To be able to describe a mythical hero and explain its purpose.

I agree

I have achieved my last target

Fronted adverbial


I have used commas to break up a list of adjectives.


I can use adjectives to describe what he/she looks like, smells like and feels like.


I can use a simile to compare my character to something else.


I can write in paragraphs.


I can use preposition.



This week we are writing our own myth.

Monday- describing the setting in our story using adjectives and preposition. Here is an example;


A long, long, time ago, high above planet earth and beneath the stars and galaxies, floated a wide ball of pink candy floss. Surrounded, by clear blue skies, the details of twists and swirls were always visible.

Here on Cloudly, everything could be created or replaced with the use of creativity and imagination. It was an exciting place.

Behind the overcrowded city and busy noisy roads, were hills and purple moors. Here, farmers took care of their animals and crops, however deep in the distance lied something even more grand.  Towering over the countryside and city was a colossal volcano.


Each day a horrific and deafening roar would echo across the land, reminding people of a monster who lived close by.

In the centre of the city, in a gigantic and grand palace lived a beautiful girl named Penelope.




Myths and Legends:


What is a myth?


Discover gruesome Greek myths:


Make your own mythological creature:


Myths from all around the world:




This term, Year 3 will be looking at how to write a recount. To support learning, watch the following video to understand the features of a recount.


A key feature is to write in past tense, for example flew, spoke, ran and saw. 

Here is a short video and game to support!


Thank you!