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Literacy at Walker School

Roald Dahl Storytelling!


Year 2 and Year 3 had a fantastic time listening to the story of 'The Twits' by Roald Dahl.  They were told the story by a storyteller who made the story fun to listen to!  See the photos below... 

Literacy policy with guidance...

KS1 Curriculum Map...

KS2 Curriculum Map...

Beauty and the Beast


The Globe players performed Beauty and the Beast to KS2. It is great for children to experience new and familiar stories in live performances and makes an enriching addition to our literacy curriculum. Bringing in theatre groups to school makes the experience very cost effective as well as enjoyable for our children.

The KS1 Grammar Show


KS1 and Year 3 were treated to a live performance of the Christmas Grammar Show. This covered, through a funny mystery story, a range of grammar such as the use of full stops, capital letters, speech marks, questions and so much more. The children enjoyed the performance and learned a great deal to support our teaching of grammar in the lteracy curriculum.



Grammar is taught in every year group at Walker in either a focus lesson or as part of another literacy lesson. We have recently, with help from Friends' funding bought new resources to help support the teaching and learning of grammar at Walker.