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Living Things and Their Habitats

This ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’ unit will teach the children about the process of reproduction and the life cycles of plants, mammals, amphibians, insects and birds. The children will explore reproduction in different plants, including different methods of pollination and asexual reproduction.

Wider Learning


Go Online:

- Plant Life Cycle -

- How do Flowering Plants Reproduce -

- Seed Dispersal -

- Lifecycles and Reproduction (Animals and Plants) -


Watch it: 

- Vegetation Transformation -

- Complete and Incomplete Metamorphosis - 

- Lifecycles of different organisms -


Visit: The Natural History Museum -


Visit: Horniman Museum and Gardens - Follow their Animal Walk and you’ll see alpacas, goats, guinea pigs, and more, with the chance to get up close. Inside, their excellent little aquarium plays host to shoals of fishes, along with colourful frogs and jellyfish. To top it all off, you can take a stroll through their butterfly house -


Visit: London Wetlands Centre -


Research: Research Jane Goodall


Visit: Visit a safari park or zoo to learn more about animals.

London Zoo -

Paradise Wildlife Park -

SEA LIFE London Aquarium -

Woburn Safari Park -

Butterfly Farm -

The Big Cat Sanctuary -

Port Lympne Safari Park -



- Animalium (Welcome To The Museum) by Jenny Broom

- Plant Reproduction: How Do You Grow a Giant Pumpkin? by Cath Senker