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Living Things and Their Habitats

This ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’ unit will teach your class about the classification of living things, including micro-organisms. The children will build on their work in Year 4 by sorting animals into groups based on their similarities and differences. They will extend their learning to find out about the standard system of classification first developed by Carl Linnaeus. They will learn about micro-organisms.

Wider Learning


Go Online: 

- Animals (including classification) -

- Microorganisms -


Watch it: 

- Animal Classification -

- Amazing Animal Groups -

- Taxonomy: Life's Filing System -

- The Work of Carl Linnaeus -

- Animal Classifications -

- Microorganisms -

- The Beneficial Bacteria That Make Delicious Food -

- How Does Your Immune System Work? -


Go Online: (Enquiry skills)

- What are classification keys -

- What is classification and identification -


Visit: The Natural History Museum -



- How small are micro-organisms? See micro-organisms at different magnifications and compare them to the head of a pin.

See inside your immune system and meet your bodyguards and enemies.

- Look at some close-up pictures of bacteria.

Find out more about microbes and about bacteria by looking into an online microscope.

- Marvel at some beautiful micrographical photography.

- See videos of micro-organisms moving.


Visit: Horniman Museum and Gardens - Follow their Animal Walk and you’ll see alpacas, goats, guinea pigs, and more, with the chance to get up close. Inside, their excellent little aquarium plays host to shoals of fishes, along with colourful frogs and jellyfish. To top it all off, you can take a stroll through their butterfly house -


Visit: London Wetlands Centre -



- Explore a brilliant kids' microbiology website, packed with games, activities, challenges and Minecraft maps.

- Visit the online Microbe Science Show and play KS1 games to help you understand more about microbes.

Microbes fishing game.

- For KS2 students, play games like Microbe Mayhem and Super Sneezesread disease fact files and download revision guides.

A Centre of the Cell game about a flu epidemic.


Create: Paint your own microbe!


Research it: Research Edward Jenner and Sir Alexander Fleming.


Visit: Visit a safari park or zoo to learn more about animals first hand.

London Zoo -

Paradise Wildlife Park -

SEA LIFE London Aquarium -

Woburn Safari Park -

Butterfly Farm -

The Big Cat Sanctuary -

Port Lympne Safari Park -



- The Variety of Life by Nicola Davies

- Animalium (Welcome To The Museum) by Jenny Broom

- Classification and Evolution by Peter Riley

Read a microbes comic