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Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher Presentation

Questions asked from our previous Meet The Teacher 



Please correct your child's mistakes. This is an opportunity to consolidate work in class and in some cases to correct misconceptions. Please make a note if your child really struggled. However a challenge is also healthy! 


Do you have Speakers Corner?

Yes we do and timetables will be up on our class page very soon.


Reading Records?

We would be more than happy for you to encourage children to write in their record books. We will also encourage this in class. Reading at home needs to now be for enjoyment hence why we allow them to select their own books (although we are there to support). At school and as part of homework, comprehension is continually taught and practised so the reading of the chosen home school text can be used to focus on continuing to develop reading stamina and enjoyment of the text. We will have task suggestions stuck into record books for the children to do once they've finished a book. This can be done with or without support and mentioned in record book.


Do you differentiate Mental maths test?

Mental maths tests are in the same format as SATs and therefore are not differentiated by sheet but by questions. There are a variety of styles of questions to suit all. It is important to practise the same format in preparation for SATs.


ICT- Scratch 

Scratch is taught as a class and log in details will be shared below for children to practise at home. Class teachers lead every session however animation due to resources is taught in class by specialists who bring in their own cameras and stands for the session to be taught at its best.   



Log in: walkerclass3s

Password: walker


Log in: y3av

Password: walker



Spellings is tested every Monday. Children will be asked to write their results in their home spelling book and place a cross next to each spelling which was spelt incorrectly. 


Mental Maths

Taken every Tuesday but is stuck into their numeracy books. These are self marked and is an ongoing progress. After each test a thorough explanation is given to a range of questions to teach children how to mentally work out questions.


Timetables test

Timetables is tested every Friday and is marked. Children should place them in the envelope provided in the back of their homework book.