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Go through the power-point and each persuasive device. Understand that all these tools won't necessarily be in one advert but some will be used to make their target audience want to buy it!


Select one or more of the following nouns to write the rule of three. The rule of three is a group of words that are easy to remember. When we cross the road we know to Stop, Look and Listen. Can you use adjectives or alliteration to create the rule of three? 


Here are examples of the rule of three;


homework- Concentrate, listen and work hard!

crisps- Crunchy, tasty and crisp!

clowns- Cheerful, colourful and energetic! 

Or choose your own object.


OR design a poster that describes the persuasive techniques you have learn't from the power-point. Give an example of each!


Alliteration- The snakes, slithers across the slimy swamp.

Repetition- The highway man kept riding, riding, riding.