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Outdoor and Gardening Project

The fruit and vegetables have been growing really well in our allotment - potatoes, gooseberries, strawberries, beans, rocket, onions etc.

Some of the boys in 6L have been working with Mr Dungate to put together ideas for the main wall in the top playground. Saina and Daniel in 1S, Miss Shah and Mr Dungate were very busy painting the wall during half term.

The next phase of the outdoor project that the children are working on is the sensory garden. We want to create a garden environment that is designed with a purpose of stimulating all the senses. The children have an amazing amount of wonderful ideas and this is a work in progress at the moment.

Have a look at how we have transformed this area into a wonderful allotment. Thank you to the children who grew plants from seed in biodegradable toilet paper roll seedling pots. The children have been busy planting fruit, vegetables and herbs.

We have come a long way in such a short space of time and it is all thanks to the children and parents of our wonderful school. This is the journey of the area outside 5T in the top playground.

The allotment is starting to take shape. Gardening Club have been planting strawberries and onions this week. Reception and KS1 children are making biodegradable toilet paper roll seedling pots at home and starting to grow all different types of vegetables. When they bring them in after Easter, they can plant them in the allotment.

Our artistic children and parents have finished the first part of their project. They have all worked so hard - fantastic.

This week the children have all been painting their pebbles. With all the wonderful designs, the pebble path is going to look amazing.

In the next couple of weeks, each child at Walker School will have an opportunity to paint their own individual pebble. We will be making a path full of all your pebbles in the area outside 5T.

We are starting to think about what we can plant in our allotment.

Our Pot Man in the allotment area needs a name. Can you help?

As we have cleared the old allotment, which used to be outside 5T, we are now commencing work on the new allotment area.

We are now ready to start work on the area outside 5T.

Our artistic children have been busy sketching a FRIENDS mural for outside 5T. They will be working with our very artistic parents on this part of the project.

Thank you to the parents and children that gave up their time on Saturday to wash the outdoor walls and clear the area outside 5T

Here are some ideas to enhance the different areas

At the moment, everything in our outdoor area is looking rather dreary and lackluster.