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International Day!



Friday 28th June, is our 'International Day'! This is a non-uniform day to celebrate our cultures and nationalities. Please come in dressed to represent a country your family is from, or a country you were born in, or a country you have been to. 



  • To discover where we are from and where we have been, becoming aware of how global our world is. 

  • To use the day to celebrate one another and consolidate 'British Values'


Summer Term Curriculum Letter

We had a very busy day at The Postal Museum on Thursday 21st March.

We had an interesting workshop entitled "Engineers, Good Ideas" . We learnt about the transportation of post through history and the amazing invention of the mail train under London.

We learnt about engineers, their jobs, inventions and discoveries. We experimented powering a train by air and built our own track and tunnel!

Then we explored "Sorted!" The play area supports our topic: People Who Help Us. The children were very busy delivering parcels and letters, working in the post office and writing their own letters too!

Finally we looked around the gallery, learning about stamps, postal vehicles and post boxes through history.

The chicks have arrived - 11.3.19

The chicks have arrived - 11.3.19 1 Day one - chicks are due to hatch Wednesday
The chicks have arrived - 11.3.19 2 Day two - incubator set at 38 degrees.
The chicks have arrived - 11.3.19 3 Day three - we have our first chick!
The chicks have arrived - 11.3.19 4 Day three - and another!

Mr Tickle at our Christmas party

Mr Tickle at our Christmas party 1

Seasonal Card Competition

Meet the Teacher powerpoint - 4.10.18

Autumn Curriculum Letter

When do books need to be brought into school?