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School Journey 2019

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Having a wonderful day at Robin Hill

Tuesday 11th June

All is well. The children have had a healthy breakfast and a quick tidy of the chalets and are ready for the day. They are taking part in numerous activities on the site today including a camp fire tonight. It is dry but a bit cold!

We hope to put up some group photos later but plenty more once we return.


Wednesday 12th June


9a.m. Yesterday was a great day. A great mix of activities. In the morning, some made an underground tunnel trail, some tried wall climbing and others jumped into the air to catch a trapeze bar. The was still a bit of time left for archery , problem solving and fencing in the afternoon. The children have started to write in their diaries. The evening was brought to a close with a campfire, singing songs . The children have said it is an amazing experience and are extremely happy. We have spoken to the staff today who said that the children can't wait to go to Robin Hill Country Park today and are busy packing their lunches .


5p.m Update

A great day at Robin Hill , with only a little bit of rain. Tonight the children will be playing robot Wars. Next update tomorrow am.


Thursday 13th June


All well and very happy , the staff say your children are a delight to have on School Journey.  

The children had an amazing day at Robin Hill yesterday. Firm favourites were tobogganing and the multiple adventure playgrounds. The groups don't seem to stand still and when there's a spare minute they are playing football or organising inter class competitions such as Tug of War. They also enjoyed a 4D cinema and almost got lost in the maze . They were sad to leave such a fun place.

After a huge dinner, they were organised into groups and the fun began again. This time it was robot wars. The children designed their own robots and completed challenges in their teams

No wonder it was very quiet  at bedtime !


5.30pm Update

All is well. The children have had a great day again on site trying out numerous activities including abseiling. The coach have confirmed their booking and we hope they will be home around 5pm tomorrow but will update you on their progress.


Friday 14th June

No one can believe it's time to pack their cases. The children have had such a brilliant time .

Yesterday the children were able to canoe in the sea and were soaked from both the water and the rain. Putting on wetsuits that were already wet wasn't very pleasant but as soon as they got used to the water they were expert canoeists  and were squealing with joy!

Once they had finished canoeing they were able to go climbing , challenge each other to a high ropes assault course, master archery and undertake some problem solving tasks.


They topped a wonderful day,  with a disco,  which was great fun lots of singing and group hugs.  


Today  they will rotate round the activities  one more time before saying bye to the Isle of Wight .


We will keep you up to date once the children are on their way and text you when they are within an hour from  home.

A big thank you to all the staff and Ms Georgiou for being such a great School Journey leader.


We are having a sing a long around the camp fire