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What damages can too much sunlight cause? 


Here are are some videos to support this;

Why is the sun important?

What are the damages of too much sun?








What are the affects of UV light?

Still image for this video
3A here to present to you the dangers of too much sunlight.


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3A investigating how mirror reflects light.

Can you see what is behind an opaque object?

3S investigating mirrors, reflection and materials that are transparent, translucent and opaque.

3S investigating how light travels in a straight line:

Investigating reflective materials in 3AM

Investigating 'Light and Shadows' in 3AM

We are learning about light. Here are a few webpages that can help support home-learning:


What is light/dark/reflection/etc:


How we see colours:


How to make a rainbow:


Bill Nye - light:


Sources of light:



If possible, please can you send in a torch labelled with your child's name.


We have limited amount of torches for children to explore light. It would be very beneficially to have smaller groups investigating light. 


Thank you for your constant support!


Year 3 team