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Science: Forces and Magnets

Designing a magnetic game - great teamwork 3AV!

Marvellous Magnetic Games


We had a brilliant time working in pairs and small groups to design and create our own magnetic games. We had to think about magnetic poles and magnetic materials when creating our game.


Clink on the link below to see more photographs, including photographs of our final product!

(Click on the STEM tab.)

Creating our marvellous magnetic games in 3S:


Exploring magnetic poles

Exploring magnets

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Magnetic poles - can you explain your learning using the words repel and attract?

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Investigating magnetic poles. Look at this fantastic learning!

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3AV testing magnet strength - great teamwork!

3S - We investigated magnet strength. Which magnet do you think was the strongest?

3AV - What did you learn about magnets?

3S sorting out magnetic and non-magnetic materials.

Fun with magnets!


We enjoyed watching this video to learn more about magnets:

3AV investigate friction and surfaces

Faster and Slower: 3S investigating friction and surfaces.

This video sums up all we need to know about Forces, Magnets and more!