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Sport and Healthy Lifestyle Team

Learning to Lead Team for Sport and Healthy Lifestyle

The Sports and Healthy Lifestyle Team Getting Fit by Running a Mile

This morning the Learning to Lead Team for Sports and Healthy Lifestyle ran a mile before we started school. We needed to find out how long it would take us and how many laps of the school we would have to run.  It took us 10 minutes and we ran 5 laps of the perimeter of the school, which was just over a mile.


Why are we doing this?  We have a great opportunity to enter the Vitality North London Half Marathon Schools' Challenge 2016.  Primary school children from all over North London will cover the whole 13.1 miles by running a mile a week in school and the finale will take place on the day of the half marathon. Teachers and staff will also be taking part in this event.  We will complete the final mile and cross the official finish line inside Wembley Stadium and receive a half marathon medal and goody bag! 


This is a great way for us to promote a healthy and active lifestyle amongst the whole school.




Hi, we are the Learning to Lead Sports and Healthy Lifestyle Team and we have been very busy helping to make the school a sportier place!


As part of learning to lead, we have cleaned out the really messy P.E and Golden Time cupboards. Also we helped to support KS1 in a football tournament. During our meetings we have discussed sports days and how we might change the different activities. Four of us created a survey for the whole school, in order to see which sports were popular and also which sports should be introduced into the school. We  brainstormed some ideas about how we could change the school to make it a more sporty and healthy environment.


Please come back to this page soon to find out more about our projects .


By Anastasia 5F, Maya 5G and Ciara 5F