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Spring Term 2020

Coming up this term:


Reception - Song topic 'Every-one'.  Action songs and rhymes that everyone can join in with.  Playing the glockenspiel along side some of the songs. 


Year 1 - Listening to and compring the song 'In the Groove' presented in different styles each week.  Learning to sing the song.  Beginning to learn songs for the Enfield Music Festival (held in Spring 2). 


Year 2 - Listening and apprasing Rock songs. Learning to sing the song 'I Wanna Play in a Band'.  Playing the glockensiel to the song. 


Year 3 - Trialing a new song collection 'Celts and Romans' to fit in with our Romans topc.


Year 4 -  Small group ukulele lessons continue. Ukulele concert to parents Wednesday 22nd January 9.30-10.00 in the hall. Families invited.  Music topic Mamma Mia starts.


Year 5 - Classroom Jazz - playing the glockenspiels.


Year 6 - Classroom Jazz 2 - playing the glockenspiels.