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This is the new Learning To Lead Website Team

Our Wonderful Website Team

We have learnt many valuable skills from this Learning to Lead project. We started the project by visualising a website that would represent the spirit of Walker School and ultimately inspire our pupils, parents and our community. Our goal was to encourage the pupils to learn in a fun environment. Firstly, the team developed a project plan and set targets. These targets were specific, manageable, achievable, relevant and timed (SMART). We found it useful using the SMART targets to stay focussed when setting our goals. We then carried out a survey with pupils and staff to help with our ideas that we collected. Furthermore, we had to give a presentation to the governors to highlight the key areas that we believed would improve our website for our project to be funded. Fortunately, they agreed with our proposal and it was time for us to start designing an online environment that would portray us as a school. We created a fantastic website from the help of pupils, staff and the governors ideas that we are all very proud of. We shared this with our community during three, special launch assemblies. We are now training the current Yr 5 pupils to use the website and how to carry on leading the website team for when they are in year 6. This project has taught us to be patient and helped us grow in confidence, it has been a great experience!


The Yr 6 Website Team