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Week 1

This is for those people who were absent and didn't get a chance to read the end of 'The Boy Who Flew'. This should help you when writing your book review.


Athan worked out where Beatty was being held hostage because she dropped paper birds out of the window and they floated down the river. Athan and Tod went to rescue Beatty. They managed to get her out but Tod was shot by Colonel Blade during the rescue. Sadly, Tod died and Athan and Mary were devastated. Athan's mum finally believed Athan about Colonel Blade being an evil man because Beatty supported his argument. Ma went mad and attacked Colonel Blade. Athan ran out of the house to make sure Colonel Blade followed him and left his family alone. Mary finished the flying machine to honour Tod's memory. Athan ran to Mary and managed to escape Colonel Blade by flying off the roof. Eventually, he won the prize money. 

Subjunctive Powerpoint. This is the Powerpoint presentation that we used in our subjunctive lesson. It might help you with your persuasive letters.