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Week 6 - w/b: 01/06/20

Welcome back Year 3!


Hope you have had a lovely half term and that you are excited to interact using Google Classroom! We will be using Google Classroom for work only. If you want to interact with each other please use (with an adults consent) other means to do it such as calling, texting or zoom calling your friends.


Luckily, Google Classroom will open opportunities for you to ask any questions you may have related to the work and we will aim to get back to you throughout the day between 9am - 3:30pm. Questions out of these hours will be responded the next day. You can also ask your questions privately, if you prefer. Both Mrs Abdi and Miss Shah will be back in school, so please keep this in mind if you have a direct questions, otherwise we aim to respond to you between ourselves and Mrs Veli.


We are all new to this, and with support and patience, we will be able to navigate ourselves around Google Classroom with ease soon enough!  


We are now entering Summer 2 and we hope you enjoy what we have planned for you!


Let's keep up the hard work!

Year 3 Team

Spellings-Focus: -sion and -tion endings


How does ‘confuse’ become ‘confusion’?


Verbs can be changed into nouns by having the /shun/ sound added to the end, e.g. confuse (verb) – confusion (noun). When following this convention, words ending in ‘t’, lose the ‘t’ and have the suffix -tion added, e.g. correct + -tion = correction. Words ending in ‘de’ lose the ‘de’ and have the suffix -sion added, e.g. collide + -sion = collision.


Word list

divide decide explode persuade act

confuse tense televise expand extend

comprehend hesitate complete invent collide