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Week 2: w/b 27/04/20

Dear Year 3,


We are really missing you! We hope we are all doing well, and keeping up with your physical exercise and mindfulness activities. 


Miss Shah has been re-reading her Harry Potter collection, along with some Roald Dahl books. Her favourite so far has been 'Skin' which was a collection (anthology) of short stories written by Roald Dahl for adults. Mrs Abdi got herself a bike, and her regular exercise is now riding her bike with her family. Mrs P has enjoyed having her daughter back from University. Mrs Veli is now feeling a lot better and has been enjoying painting in her garden with her daughters. What have you all been doing (apart from the fun, fantastic work that we've provided...)? smiley 


Has anyone seen Venus yet? It blows our mind to think we can see a planet from outer space! Shay's mum has also managed to spot Jupiter! Have a look at the 'Look at what we found...' page for regular updates on other things that we have found.


This week, we will continue writing non-chronological reports but linking them to science. There are so many unusual and unique plants out there, so we wanted you to research and write some interesting facts on them. Use the links provided to help support your research. We hope you find it as interesting as we have!


Please continue to practise your timestables, and when possible time yourself and see if you can beat your score. Some children in Year 3 had a record of finishing their timestables in 7-12 seconds!


We look forward to seeing your favourite pieces of work.


Take care of yourselves!

Year 3 Team

When researching please use kiddle as your search engine. This is a child friendly search engine that is safe.


Keep safe!


Extra challenges


Exploring Habitats

A fantastic opportunity to join in with a FREE Science Live Lesson!

Broadcast Live on Thursday 30th April 2020 at 10:30AM.

This habitat exploration live lesson introduces children to the microhabitats present in their own garden. Through exploration they will learn more about the invertebrate species found there, and how the microhabitats might change throughout the year. After, FSC’s expert field tutor will answer questions about these species.


Visit to book the lesson. Downloadable resources, and a timetable for the lesson is available on the site.


Have a go at this challenge with your family. Visit for more information.