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Week 3: w/b 04/05/20

Dear Year 3,


We are now in week 3 of the Summer Term! We hope you are all reading daily and attempting the activities set for all topics. Please try your best in all areas and we will be checking in weekly to see how you all are via telephone. 


Thank you for all your emails! The work we have seen is phenomenal, please keep them coming! If possible send in 1-2 pieces of work (via office email) that you are most proud of or not sure about, and would like to share for feedback. Either way we want to see your work.smiley


This week, Friday is a bank holiday (VE Day). Please use this day to complete unfinished work or return to the home page where we have folders filled with exciting activities for you to try out.


Also where we have differentiated the work, please select the group that suits you. If you've attempted group 1/2/3 and you can prove to your adult that you understand it by completing 3-5 questions correctly, then please go straight onto a challenge/extension.


Please email us on anything you do not understand and we will email you back. If you want an answer immediately, BBC Bitesize and Espresso are a useful tool.  We have provided a video in every lesson to introduce the subject, so we hope this helps too.


Take care and work hard!

Year 3 Team

On the timetable below, we have highlighted in yellow the activities that are mandatory for each topic. Any other activities on the timetable are supplementary.

This week's spellings are focused on adverbs; What are adverbs?


simply humbly bubbly wobbly idly

gently freckly prickly sparkly twinkly

muscly sensibly cuddly fiddly wriggly

Great tool - use the search tool to guide you




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