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Week 4: w/b 11/05/20

Dear Year 3,


We hope that you have had a lovely, long weekend! 

Thank you for your personal emails. We received lots of great questions and also gained a lovely insight on what you are doing!

We're still waiting for a few more emails, so if you haven't already emailed us, please do so this week (as it was part of our ICT topic in week 3).

This week we are continuing with Danny the Champion of the World, and we aim to take turns reading a chapter to you. We hope you have been enjoying reading with us.


Take care and keep safe.

Year 3 Team

Timetable Week 4

Spellings Week 4-  -ally and -tion


basically   energetically   enthusiastically   admiration   publication

frantically   scientifically   information   sensation   multiplication 

comically   terrifically   preparation   determination   operation


Spelling Rules:

1. Adjectives can be turned into adverbs by adding -ly. Adjectives ending in -ic, e.g. comic, are turned into adverbs by adding the suffix -ally.

2. The -ation suffix turns verbs into nouns. If a root words ends in a consonant, the suffix is added to the end, e.g. inform + -ation = information.

3. If the root word ends in an ‘e’, the ‘e’ is removed and the suffix is added, e.g. prepare + -ation = preparation.

4. If the root word ends in a ‘y’, the ‘y’ is replaced by ‘ic’ and the suffix is added, e.g. multiply + -ation = multiplication.

Use these rules to help you with the activities.