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Wider Learning

Have a go at these fun STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) activities!

(Most activities require items/materials that you will most likely have in the house.)



- Go for a walk and make up a nature box with leaves, twigs, fir cones or anything else you find.



- Grow seeds in a jar (

- Make an eggshell garden (



- Experiment with water – put objects in the bath and get your child to guess which will float, and which will sink.

- Learn about magnets by using pipe-cleaners (

- What material is the best insulator? (



- Blow bubbles, then see which way the wind blows them. Maybe make your own bubble mix? What is the perfect bubble mix? Is there too much water? Too much soap? Does the type of soap matter? Made PREDICTIONS on whether different types of soap will result in smaller/larger bubbles... or how long they'll last before they pop...

- Make a water cycle in a bag, and observe evaporation and condensation (

- Dancing worms (

- Do oil and water mix? (

- How does it rain? Make a rain-cloud in a jar (



- A walking rainbow (

- Code your birthday and learn about binary code (

- Learn about pulleys and levers by making your own engineering wall (

- Make a DIY smart-phone projector (

- Make music with water (

- Make a foaming LEGO volcano (



- Make a rain-shelter for a lego person (

- Engineer a toy chute (

- Make a cardboard Hotwheels track (


Visit: Museums, Parks, and Wildlife Centres

- Natural History Museum -

- Science Museum -

- Horniman Museum and Gardens - Follow their Animal Walk and you’ll see alpacas, goats, guinea pigs, and more, with the chance to get up close. Inside, their excellent little aquarium plays host to shoals of fishes, along with colourful frogs and jellyfish. To top it all off, you can take a stroll through their butterfly house -

- London Wetlands Centre -

- London Zoo -

- Paradise Wildlife Park -

- SEA LIFE London Aquarium -

- Woburn Safari Park -

- Butterfly Farm -

- The Big Cat Sanctuary -

- Port Lympne Safari Park -



- Take a magnifying glass into the garden and go on a bug hunt. Draw pictures of the insects you see with your child.

- Think about your route to school and make a map, including any important buildings/landmarks.



Learn how to graph with dinosaurs (