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Year 1

Summer Holiday Homework (for Year Two)

Spellings for week beginning 8/7/19

Spellings for week beginning 1/7/19

International Day!

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Friday 28th June, is our 'International Day'! This is a non-uniform day to celebrate our cultures and nationalities. Please come in dressed to represent a country your family is from, or a country you were born in, or a country you have been to. 



  • To discover where we are from and where we have been, becoming aware of how global our world is. 

  • To use the day to celebrate one another and consolidate 'British Values'


We had a great week investigating ways to change the colour of celery and flowers petals. Take a look at us hard at work making predictions, collecting data and recording our results!

Spellings for week beginning 24/6/19

Spellings for week beginning 17/6/19

African Day! The children had a wonderful day to end their topic learning on Africa. They took part in a range of activities such as; African dancing, Gumboot dancing, watching African stories, eating Jollof Rice and cooked Plantain, making fruit kebabs and spending time looking at African artifacts.

Dear Parents/Carers, 


Due to our Phonic Assessment next week there will be NO new spellings sent home this week.


Please spend this weekend going over the 'phonics pack' that was sent home last half term. 


Thank you for your continued support


The Year One Team


Dear Parent/Carers, 


Next Friday, 14th June we will be having an African Day at school. 

The children will be looking at different African artifacts, African clothes, play the drums and learn an African dance.


Children are still expected to come into school in their school uniform.


We ask if each child could bring in a pair of wellington boots, in preparation for our dance.

These can be brought into school any day next week, ready to use on Friday.


Thank You 


The Year One Team

Spellings for Week Beginning 3.6.19

Phonics Screening Information

Dear Parent/Carers, 


Just a reminder that there will be a Phonics Meeting on Monday 20th May at 2.30pm. 


Please can all children make sure that their spelling books are brought into school on Wednesday 22nd May for our spelling test, as this will be our last day before half-term. 


School will be closed on Thursday 23rd May for Polling Day and Friday 24th May for Inset Day.


Have a great half-term and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday 3rd June, for our final half-term in Year 1. 


Thank you for all your continued support 


The Year One Team

Spellings for week beginning 20.5.19

WOW!! What an SUPER day we all had today. Year 1 was taken over by many different SUPERHEROES.....we had superhero training, superhero catwalk show and made superhero biscuits to give us energy and power.............POW!!

Spellings for Week 4

Superhero Day reminder - Friday 10th May


Children can come into school on Friday dressed as their chosen Superhero. 


We look forward to seeing all the different costumes and meeting all the amazing superheros and finding out about their special powers.........


The Super Year One Team  

Spellings for week beginning 06/05/19

Broomfield Park Trip


We are looking forward to visiting Broomfield Park on Thursday 16th May.
Our plan includes:
• Visiting The orchard
• Visiting The apiary (including trying on bee suits and trying the honey)
• Visiting The wildlife pond and growing space
(including pond dipping and possibly a little planting )
We also hope to visit the Conservatory so observe all the different types of plants and see the big banana tree.


This will all be led by 'The Friends of Broomfield Park', who voluntarily give up their time. However, to support our local park we will be offering them the donation we requested. 

If you are able to help on the school trip please come and see your class teacher. 


Thank you for your continued support

The Year One Team


Summer Term Curriculum Newsletter

Dear Parent/Carers, 


As part of this half-terms learning on 'Superheros', we will be have a special Superhero day on Friday 10th May. It would be lovely if all children can come into school dressed as their favourite Superhero for the day to celebrate their learning. 

We look forward to seeing many different Superheros and hearing about their special powers!! 


The Year One Team

Spellings for week beginning 29/4/19

Neasden Temple

This week we have had lots of fun visiting the amazing 'Neasden Temple' and experiencing a Hindu celebration. 

All the children were on their best behaviour and showed respect when in the temple, they are a real credit to Walker School!! 


In Literacy:

We have been reading the book, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. The children chose different foods that the caterpillar ate and used adjectives to describe them. 


In Numeracy:

We have been working on division by sharing. The children were able to share amounts to find the correct answer to the division calculations and word problems. 



Some children have numeracy homework on paper this week. If your child doesn't have a paper worksheet in their bag it means that they have Mymaths.

This work will consolidate their learning on dividing. 

Spellings for week beginning 1st April

Spelling for week beginning 25.3.19

This weeks learning: 



The children have been working on 'Rhyming Couplets' and have been creating their own rhymes using their names and different teachers names. 



The children have been working on Number Bonds to 10 and 20, using the inverse operation for addition and subtraction, as well as using the RUCSAC method to solve word problems. 


Neasden Temple School Trip - Thursday 28th March. 

If your child will be bringing their own packed lunch for the trip could we please kindly remind you that we must respect the Temple by not bringing any food containing; meat, fish, dairy, garlic or onions. 

Please speak to your class teacher for any more information. 

Holi Celebration. We all had so much fun celebrating the Hindu festival of Holi. We had some tasty treats, learnt some traditional dances and had a fab time throwing bright powder paint at each other. The children thoroughly enjoyed getting the adults covered in paint!!

Spellings for Week Beginning 18.3.19

TOY WORKSHOP!! The children had an amazing time looking and playing with lots of old toys, being archaeologists and digging for different materials as well as making their own toys. What a wonderful day we all had. A big thank you again to the parents who helped us and spent the day at school, we really couldn't have done it without you all. :-)

This Weeks Learning:

-In Numeracy:

The children have been learning about 'Measuring' and have been using rulers and meter sticks to measure a range of objects around the room.


- In Literacy:

The children have been using commas to write a list. We read the book 'Whatever Next' and the children wrote their own list of items they would take with them to Space.

They have also been writing labels and have labelled different parts of an Astronaut. 


Next Weeks Learning:

- In Numeracy:

The children will be working on Number Bonds to 10 and 20 and will also be using the inverse method to solve addition and subtraction calculations. 


- In Literacy:

We will be working on fun poetry and thinking of words that will rhyme with names, including the children's names. Maybe you could give them some ideas at home together!!



There is NO Mymaths homework this week. Instead we have sent home a reading comprehension to prepare the children for our Hindu Festival of Holi and our 'Powder Celebration' at school on Friday, where we will be having fun throwing powder paint at each other. 

Spellings for week beginning 11.3.19

Spellings for week beginning 4.3.19

Half-Term Spellings and Homework. We wish you all a lovely half-term break and look forward to seeing you all on Monday 25th February.

Art and Design Competition (optional)

Fourth Plinth Schools Award 2019

Fourth Plinth Entry Details

THIS WEEK (4.2.19)

In Literacy the children have been looking at story structure and have used a story board to retell the story of 'Jack and The Beanstalk,' using a range of sentence starters, conjunctions and adjectives. 


In Numeracy the children have been problem solving using repeated addition and making links with multiplications, working on the 2's, 5's and 10's.


NEXT WEEK (11.2.19)

In Literacy the children will be comparing fiction books and non-fiction books and looking at their different features. We will also be working on using questions and statements correctly in our spoken language as well as in our writing.


In Numeracy we will be revisiting our work on 2d and 3d shapes and learning about their different

properties and special features.   


 Year One Team

Spellings Week Beginning 11.2.19

Spellings for Week Beginning 4.2.19

Week beginning 28.01.19 Spellings

We have been learning to use 'imperative verbs' (BOSSY)! The children made yummy trifle and then wrote the instructions by applying imperative verbs in their writing. They had great fun learning this and even more fun eating it!!

Dear Parents/Carers, 

This week's spellings will be tested on Thursday instead of the usual day, Friday. This is due to us have an exciting fitness session in the morning. 

Spring Term Curriculum Newsletter

For Homework over the Christmas period we would like the children to practise all the spellings they have learnt, ready for a big test on the first week back. We would also like the children to read each day for a mimimum of 5 minutes. If you would like some extra work for your child to do please find attached a book review that they can complete about any book they have read. Please continue to practise counting forwards and backwards with your child up to 20 and play some fun, practical maths counting games together. Thank you for all your continued support and we wish you all a wonderful, healthy and happy New Year! The Year 1 Team :-)

The children had a great party today and laughed so much when Mr Tickle visited them. The dancing was amazing and musical statues was very hard to judge!!

This week in Numeracy the children have been working on odd and even numbers. There is NO Mymaths homework this week, instead we have sent home a worksheet to help consolidate the children's learning on this topic.

In Literacy we have continued on our topic, 'The Polar Express'. The children have written their own version of a special train journey, where it might take them and what they would see out of the window. They have worked hard to include adjectives and conjunctions in their writing and even similes, to make it more interesting to the reader. They also loved writing about their 'special item' and why it meant so much to them.

There are NO new spellings this week. Children must practise all the previous spellings ready for a big test when we return in January 2019!

As this week is our last week before we break up for Christmas Holidays we have a very busy week ahead, here is some information for you:

Monday AM - Nativity Dress Rehearsal to the whole school

Monday PM - Millfield Panto Trip - please bring in a piece of fruit (pick-up 3.50pm at school)

Tuesday AM - Nativity Show 1 (Reception & 2F parents)

Tuesday PM - Infants Party

Wednesday AM - Nativity Show 2  (Year 1 & 2RV parents)

Thursday AM - Church Service

Friday AM - Polar Express Day in School (all children to wear pyjamas to school)

Friday PM - 2pm Finish


On Tuesday all children  to come to school wearing sensible party clothes (no school uniform), please no Princess Dresses or Super Hero Costumes as they will be wearing them ALL DAY!


As a celebration event of our topic, The Polar Express. On Friday(21st Dec) we would like every child to come to school wearing their pyjamas. The children will be having a great day re-enacting 'The Polar Express' and watching the movie together. They can also wear a dressing gown if they wish. Shoes must be worn but slippers can be brought in (in a carrier bag) to wear inside only.


Thank you for your continued support, please see your Class Teacher if you have any questions.


The Year 1 Team

Dear Parents/Carers,

On Tuesday 18th December, Year 1 are having their Christmas Party.

Please could the children bring in their own personal snack pack, choosing healthy options. Please ensure that each child has a napkin in their snack pack along with a drink.

As it is a Christmas Party, the children can also bring in a small sweet treat for themselves and come to school dressed in party clothes (no Princess dresses/Superhero costumes).

Thank you, The Year 1 Team

Dear Parents/Carers,


There is NO Mymaths homework this week! Children have been asked to find out information about their name, such as: who chose their name, the origin of their name, the meaning and if they were named after anybody. This is in preparation for next terms RE lesson.

We have also asked if children can bring in an item that means a lot to them or has a special memory, this can be a special teddy, a photo, a necklace or even a special pencil. Anything they love!

The children will use this in their writing next week, so please can they be brought into school for Tuesday 11th December.

Thank you for your continued support!

The Year 1 Team

P.S: We hope you all received your children's letters and enjoyed reading them! :-)  

Spellings for week beginning 10th December 2018

Dear Mummies and Daddies, the children went on a short trip to the local post box to post very special letters to some very important people. Watch this space!!

Spellings for the week beginning 3rd December.

Thank you to all the parents who have kindly paid the £6 consumable funds for the year.

We have used the money so far to make tasty fruit salad and yummy coleslaw!

If you haven't done so yet, please could you send the £6 to your class teacher as we have lots more fun learning planned for your children.

Please also keep the generous donations of glue sticks and tissues coming in!

Thank you :-)


Lego Stem Project Celebration Open Day! Thank you to all our amazing parents who came in to share our celebration event for our final Lego session. We hope you had a great time making a Moon Base and being creative. The children loved having you all there, as did we! Thank you for all your support. The Year One Team :-)

Spellings for week beginning 26.11.18

Seasonal Card Competition

What a wonderful week Year 1 have had this week. In Numeracy they have been using number lines to solve subtraction problems, in Literacy they have been writing poems and have created their own version of 'The Gingerbread Man' using adjectives and story language and in Science they investigated different fish and compared their features. They especially liked when they got to handle them and feel their scales and touch their eyes!!

Half Term Homework


children will receive the following homework during half term:

- Maths worksheet on halving

- New Weekly Spellings

- Tricky Words (NOT TESTED)

They will also receive a letter explaining a fun activity to make a Poppy for our school gate and a 6 piece Lego challenge pack, which is theirs to keep after.

It would be lovely if you can send in a picture of your child's Lego creation so we can add them to our display board.


Have a lovely and enjoyable half term break!


Year 1 Team



Dear Parent/Carers,

Please make sure that you check your emails for your child's Parents Evening letter. once completed please hand them to your class teacher so your appointment can be allocated.

Thank you

Dear Parent/Carers,


Please can you make sure that your child checks out by pressing MARK IT when they have completed their task on Mymaths on line, otherwise their results will not be submitted and saved,  

Thank you for your support.

Year 1 Team

Please help your child to learn Phase 2 to Phase 5 Tricky Words!

Discover Children's Story Center School Trip! The children had a wonerful experience creating stories using their imagination. They have returned to school with some great ideas and are preparing to use them in their story writing this week! Thank you to those parents who helped us on the trip


This month's Global Goal is 'Peace and Justice Month'.


We celebrate this goal by looking at significant people around the world in our past and present whom have been role models and have promoted equality. 


We were very privileged to have met a motivational speaker named 'Siya Twani' who came in and took our school assembly at the start of the month. He spoke to the children about the meaning of equality and the importance of acceptance and respect to others. He shared events from history which shows why Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King are role models.


Here are two stories you can share with your child/children to help their understanding of peace and equality; to start discussions on fairness;


Ask the following questions;

How can you bring love and peace to your circle of friends and family? 

How can we promote peace and respect in our school and local community? 


Kind regards


Mrs Abdi (Humanities Lead) and Mrs Adem (Unicef Rights Respecting Lead)



Please can all children bring in a named plastic carrier bag on Monday for our school trip to 'The Discovery Centre', incase of wet weather! Thank you  

This week in Literacy we have been learning about 'Time Connectives' and having been using them to help us to retell the story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'.

In Numeracy this week we have been working hard on addition and subtraction number sentences. The children have been using number lines, multilink cubes and numicons to help support their learning. 


We have sent home some research for the children to do about the Planet, Saturn. Please can this be ready and brought into school for Tuesday at the latest, as the children will need to use this to support their fun Literacy lesson.


We thank you once again for your continued support and for those parents who have already handed in the class donations and boxes of tissues as well as glues.

We really appreciate it all, thank you.

This week the children have been working hard to name 2D shapes by their properties and they have had fun creating pictures using different 2D shapes.

In Literacy we read the book 'Peace at Last' and the children wrote sentences using adjectives to describe Mr Bear.

This week we have introduced guided reading sessions and reading as a group. The children have been using their reading finger to follow the text whilst listening to each other read and answering comprehension questions related to the text.


This weeks home work is all on Mymaths and it will consolidate their learning of 2D shapes.


Please can you remind your children to hand in their reading books and reading records every Tuesday morning so their books can be changed and  please make sure ALL items of clothing are clearly labelled, including PE kit!


In this weeks Lego session we visited the moon. The children worked in groups to create their own space ships or rockets. They had lots of fun and showed great team work!!

This week in Science we have been exploring our senses by tasting different foods and discussing their flavours.

1AM building rockets, rovers and space stations!

1AM building rockets, rovers and space stations! 1
1AM building rockets, rovers and space stations! 2
1AM building rockets, rovers and space stations! 3
1AM building rockets, rovers and space stations! 4

1A's First Lego Session! The children had a great time exploring the lego and finding out about Space!

1A's First Lego Session! The children had a great time exploring the lego and finding out about Space!  1
1A's First Lego Session! The children had a great time exploring the lego and finding out about Space!  2
1A's First Lego Session! The children had a great time exploring the lego and finding out about Space!  3

In Literacy this week the children have been looking at rhyming words and reading lots of different poems. They worked in groups to create a funny class poem based on the poem, 'Ning Nang Nong'.


In Numeracy the children have been working hard on finding one more than and one less than a given number, using number lines and 100 square for support.


This week's Mymaths homework will consolidate the children's class work.

**Please note that some children have Mymaths, where as some will have a paper copy in their book bags.


Next week in Literacy we will be focusing on the story 'Peace At Last' and in Numeracy we will be working on 2D shapes. 


Photos of 1A's Lego lesson will be attached shortly and 1AM's will follow next week!


The Year 1 Team

Meet The Teacher PPT 10.9.18

Autumn 1 Curriculum Newsletter

Welcome Year 1,


We hope you had a wonderful break and we are really excited to be working with you and your children this year!


Reading books will be sent out this Friday, however maths homework will be set for next week. We will be following the MyMaths Scheme which is set on-line, this will be explained to you in detail at 'Meet the Teacher' on  Monday 10th September at 6.30pm.

Over the weekend could you please continue to practise counting forwards, backwards in 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's.


Please could all PE kits be in by Monday! 


We look forward to the year ahead,

The Year 1 Team