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Dear Year 2, 

How are you all?  We hope you've had a wonderful half term filled with fun!  You might have visited a park this half term and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.  We have been on many park visits too and enjoyed looking at the beautiful nature around us, having picnics, riding our bikes and scooters and exploring our surroundings.  It was so much fun!  


We have now come to our last term in Year 2 and we will be starting some new topics.  Our new Geography topic is all about 'Seasides' and our new Science topic is all about 'Living Things and their Habitats'.  Also, we will be having PSCHE lessons to help you get ready for Year 3.  We hope you enjoy these new topics.  


Below, you will find the new timetable and resources for this week.  You will even find a video from a special guest!  Remember: you do not need to print the sheets to be able to do the work.  You can look at the sheets and then complete the work in your book or on paper.  We cannot wait to see more of your amazing work!  


We miss you all alot. 

Keep safe and well,

From Mrs Faruk and Mrs Rubinstein smiley





1/6/20 Summer Term 2 Week 1 Home Learning Timetable

Miss Veli reading The lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and showing an example of menu

Still image for this video


Dear Year 2,

Half term is here!  We want to say a huge thank you to all of you for your hard work with your home learning.  It has been lovely to see all your amazing work!  It really puts a smile on our faces.  We can see you have worked extremely hard and you should be so proud of yourselves. 


We are so lucky that we got to speak to you all on the phone this term.  We enjoyed hearing about all the fantastic things you have been doing!   Thank you for speaking to us and keep doing all the things that make you happy.  


 For half term, we want you to enjoy yourselves, keep playing with your favourite things and spend time with your loved ones.  If you can,  take part in the 'Scavenger Hunt' we have attached at the bottom of this message.   Also, please continue with your reading.  There will be no other homework this half term.


Thank you again for all the wonderful work you have been doing.

Keep smiling!

Have a fantastic half term,

Mrs Faruk and Mrs Rubinstein  smiley

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme is kindness.  


Below are a couple of fun activities that are age appropriate from reception to year 6.


As another act of kindness why not get your child to write a letter or send a card to our local care home, Southgate Beaumont Care Home. 


Iva Gogeva

15 Cannon Hill,

Old Southgate,


N14 7DJ


Stay Safe

Mrs Adem


Look at this wonderful Kandinsky inspired artwork!



More May birthdays! 

Happy Birthday to:

Willow, Ana-Isabel, Jenny-Carmen, Zain, Isabelle and Aidan.

We hope you have a great day celebrating with your families!

Dear Year Two,

We hope you are all well.

Here is the timetable for the last week of term.  There are some revision lessons for our Numeracy work this week, looking at money, time and measuring length.  These are topics we have studied at school, so please choose your level of work based on what you can do.  You could also choose some work that will be a challenge for you!  Good luck!

We have enjoyed looking at all the amazing work that you have been sending in, You are all doing so well with your home learning!  Keep up this great work - you are all stars!

We miss you all,

Best wishes,

Mrs Rubinstein and Mrs Faruk smiley


18/5/20 Home Learning Grid Summer 1 Week 5

Here is a measures activity booklet for anyone who would like some extra work. Plesae note - we have not covered every concept yet in the booklet!


Hi Year 2! 

Scroll down to see even more excellent work from your friends!  

We love seeing all the work you are doing.

Thank you for sending,

Year 2 Teachers smiley

13/5/20 Another tech issue - here are the missing Numeracy worksheets. The starter is different to the description on the timetable. Apologies and thank you for your patience! Y2 Teachers


Technical issues!

We are sorry for the issues that have happened today.

Please note the login for Discovery Education should be student1440 (NO SPACE).

This should solve the login issue for this website.

Thank you for your patience!

Year Two Teachers


Dear Year 2,

We hope you are well and keeping safe.   Below, you will find your new timetable.  You will notice that we begin our new Art topic where we will be focusing on an artist called Kandinsky and studying his art work. 

In addition, for Literacy, we have included a 'Revision and Challenge' week.  This is where we will recap objectives linked to spelling, punctuation and grammar.  We have also included extended writing activities as the challenges.  This will be for this week only and then we will go back to our literacy topics.  

Keep sending us your wonderful work!  It really puts a smile on our face.  

Remember to keep trying your best and keep smiling.

We miss you all.

Take care,

Mrs Faruk and Mrs Rubinstein smiley

11/5/20 Home Learning Grid (Summer 1 Week 4)

Dear Year 2,

VE Day is on Friday and Ms Tailor has recorded a special assembly for you to watch: 

Dear Year 2,

A Write Laugh is a new writing competition for children where you have to write something that makes people laugh! Follow this link for more information:


Good luck!


Please scroll down to see examples of 'A Different Ending' for The Enormous Crocodile.  We hope you like our endings!  laugh


Dear Year 2,

Well done!  You have completed another week of the summer term!  We hope you are enjoying your work but are also playing and having fun!   Remember to just try your best and do what you can on the timetable.   The new timetable and resources can be found below.

We hope you enjoyed the videos we put up last week.  Did you remember the poem that Ms Warhurst read to us?  We will be putting up more videos next week so watch out for them!

Thank you for sending your work to us, we are amazed by how hard you are working!  If you scroll down, you will see your friends' work which they want to share with you. 

Parents - we would like to say a huge thank you for all the hard work and support you are providing to your children.  You are doing a wonderful job.  We will be phoning you all over the next week to see how you all are and to talk to the children if they want to.   

We wish you all a lovely, restful bank holiday next Friday. 

We cannot wait to see you all soon.    

Take care of yourselves,

Mrs Faruk and Mrs Rubinstein  smiley

Hello from the Year 2 team!



It has been a while since we had a special Birthday Assembly, so we would like to wish all these children a very Happy Birthday.  We hope you had a great day celebrating with your families! smiley

March - Conor, Hazel

April - William, Poppy, Derin, Saygin, Leo(2R) 

May - Samridhi, Layla, Iman and Aya

In other celebratory news, Ms Veli is expecting her third baby at the end of August. She sincerely thanks you for all the kind and thoughtful well wishes she has received. 

4/5/20 - Week 5 Home Learning Timetable - Summer Term Week 3

Wednesday - Examples of 'Writing a Different Ending' for The Enormous Crocodile. You can start at any part you want towards the end of the story.

Dear Year 2,

I have attached a story time session for you all to enjoy.  See if you remember this poem from our lessons!

Hi Year 2!

Hope you are all well!  Don't forget to scroll down to see more examples of wonderful work!  

Thank you for sending these in.

From Mrs Faruk and Mrs Rubinstein smiley

Dear Year 2,

We would like to tell you about an exciting Short Story Competition that Enfield have launched!  It would be fantastic if you could enter the competition.  The web-link below will help you see the details of the competition:

Also, see the documents attached for more information.  

We can't wait to read your entries!

From Mrs Faruk and Mrs Rubinstein.  




Dear Year 2,

A parent has shared details of an architecture contest for children with us!  It's a contest to design a building inspired by a favourite existing building and then to construct it with household items.  More details can be found at

The deadline is 4th May 2020.

Good luck everyone!

Mrs Rubinstein and Mrs Faruk

Maths: This document will be useful for home learning as it contains all of the key Maths vocabulary and definitions that you will need.

Dear Year 2,

We hope you are all well and enjoying your time at home.  Enjoy the glorious sunshine too!  It is so lovely to look up and see the beautiful blue sky outside. 

Thank you so much for all the wonderful, incredible work you have sent us.  We can see that you have been working so hard and we are so impressed as well as extremely proud of you all.  Do have a look on the class page at all the fantastic work Year 2 have been doing.  It definitely put a smile on our faces. 

Below is your home learning timetable for next week (starting on 27/04/20).   My Maths homework has also been included on the timetable so look out for it and please complete.  Also, please remember to continue to read every day and write the books you are reading in your red reading diary.   Make sure you are taking part in physical exercise too as well as having lots of breaks and playtime.

Always try your best.  You can do it!  

We really miss you all and we look forward to seeing you all again,

From  Mrs Faruk and Mrs Rubinstein  smiley

27/4/20 Week 4 Home Learning Timetable - Summer Term Week 2

Tuesday - Introduction to the Literacy Lesson - video by Mrs Faruk 

Dear Year Two,


WOW! We have been amazed at the wonderful castle work that you have shared with us.  There has been such a range of creative castles from around the world!  You should all be so proud of yourselves!  Many thanks to your parents/carers who have helped you to make these beautiful models.


Here are some examples of the castle work you have sent to us.  If you have a picture that you would like to share, please send an email to the School Office and we will add it to this page.

Well done once again!  You are all stars!


Mrs Faruk and Mrs Rubinstein

More Examples of 2F's Wonderful Work


Dear Year 2,

We hope you have had a lovely Easter holiday and enjoyed spending time with your family.  We have been busy preparing your next week of lessons and you will find the new timetable below.  Remember to choose the challenge for some lessons that you are able to do but if you want to also complete the next challenge, you can do this too.  You can either print any sheets from the class page and write on them or you can complete the work in your Home Learning's your choice!  Always try your best with all of your work and you can even email your work to the school office if you would like us to read it.  

We miss you all and we hope we will get to see you soon.  

Keep safe and well,

Mrs Faruk and Mrs Rubinstein

20/4/20 Summer Term Week 1 Timetable

Monday - Spellings List

Monday - Literacy - Prediction sheet

Monday - History - 'Castles' slides

Monday - History - 'Castles' worksheets

Tuesday Literacy - Spellings Wordsearch

Tuesday Literacy - Choose one of these challenges to complete

Wednesday - Numeracy

Friday - D&T


Dear Year 2,

It's time for the holidays!  We want to say a huge thank you for working so hard this term, you are all brilliant!  Below, you will find your Easter Holiday Project.  We cannot wait to see your amazing 'Castles' work which will be our new topic next term.  Remember to keep reading every day in the holidays as well.  Also, try to complete any work you haven't done from your Week 1 and Week 2 Timetable. 

We miss you all and hope to see you soon.

Have a wonderful Easter holiday!  Have fun and enjoy!

From Mrs Faruk, Mrs Rubinstein and all the Year 2 staff.


3/4/20 Easter Holiday Project


Dear Year 2,

Thank you so much for sending in your fantastic poems this week!  We have really enjoyed reading them.  You have used amazing adjectives, super verbs and excellent adverbs to describe your colours and what you think might be in the box.  Also, we really liked your presentation and illustrations. 

Well done Year 2!  You really impressed us!

Mrs Faruk and Mrs Rubinstein   

Here are some examples of the wonderful poems!

Here is some amazing work from last week - a super story!

Dear Parents/Carers, 

Here is a book that we thought you might like to share with your child.  It will help you to explain what is happening in the world at the moment, hopefully answering any questions that your child may have and making them feel less anxious about events.

Stay safe, look after each other and please tell your children that their teachers miss them!

Y2 Team.   

Dear Children (and their Parents/Carers),


We hope you are all well and keeping safe at this very unusual time.  We miss seeing you everyday in school.


Well done for doing your home learning! We hope you liked the activities we had planned and that you are remembering to try your best.


Have you made your rainbows yet? Did you know children all over the country and around the world are making them too? Be creative - they will make everyone smile who sees them!


We have now got your second week of home learning ready.  You can do the activities/lessons in any order you wish but also remember to have fun too!  Enjoy all the things you love to do at home like playing with your toys and more!  


We hope to see you soon, 

Mrs Faruk and Mrs Rubinstein (and everyone in Y2: Ms Veli, Mrs Kelly, Mrs Durham, Mrs Lucas, Mrs Andreaou and Mrs Jacovou). 

Home Learning Timetable for week beginning 30.3.20

Friday 3.4.20 Numeracy

Extra work - wordsearch for apostrophes

Friday 3rd April - Apostrophes Booklet - please choose a sheet you can do and that you haven't done before.

Friday 3rd April - PowerPoint to show 'Apostrophes for Singular Possession'

Friday 3rd April - Spelling Starter - 'Words with /u/ sound spelt o'

Wednesday 1st April - Example of a 'What's in the box?' poem - with adverbs

Wednesday 1st April - Example of a 'What's in the box?' poem (without adverbs)

Tuesday 31st March - Example of a list poem

Monday 30th March - Spring English Activity Booklet - look in here for the poem, 'Spring has Sprung'.

30/3/20 Spellings of the week - 'u' sound spelt as 'o'

23/3/20  Spellings List

1.  cries

2.  lies

3.  tries

4.  fries

5.  babies


6.  tidies

7.  stories

8.  denies

9.  worries

10.  carries


11.  replies

12.  cherries

13.  supplies

14.  activities

15.  strawberries

25.3.20 - Home Learning Update.


This workbook focuses on addition and subtraction.  At school, we would normally cover one concept in a lesson, so completing one or two pages at a time is fine and this is what the children are used to doing. 

Thank you for your continued support,

Y2 Teachers

Addition and Subtraction Workbook

24.3.20 - Home Learning Update.


We have uploaded a Maths workbook for any parent who wishes to use it with their child.  This booklet has a focus on place value, sequencing and representing numbers in different ways. The last page has a challenge which requires a many sided dice - please do adapt this activity, using whatever dice you have got at home.   


We will upload more booklets over the next few days which will focus on the key skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Thank you for your continued support.  

Y2 Teachers

Numeracy - Number and Place Value Workbook Year 2

Dear Year 2,


Below you will find your home learning timetable for week 1.  Keep checking each week for updates of home learning and new timetables.   Please write the title of any books that you read in your red Reading Diaries as it is important to keep a record of what you read. 


Remember to do what you can from the timetable but also enjoy doing all the activities you love to do as well. For example, play with your toys, complete puzzles, sing, dance and have fun!


Keep safe and healthy.

We hope to see you soon!


Best wishes

Mrs Faruk and Mrs Rubinstein

(and all the Year 2 team)


Home Learning Timetable Week 1

Spelling set 16.3.20

12/3/2020  Our learning next week...


We are starting work on 'instructions'.  We will be focusing on identifying and knowing the features of instructional texts including headings, imperative verbs, numbering instructions, etc.  Also, we will be writing our own instructions.  For punctuation, we will be concentrating on being more consistent, especially with capital letters and full stops.  Reading comprehension, grammar, spelling and handwriting will continue through all our work.



We will be working on our knowledge and understanding of 2D and 3D shapes by identifying and describing their properties.  This will include the number of sides, vertices and lines of symmetry for 2D shapes.  For 3D shapes, we will recap the number of edges, vertices and faces.  Also, we will be sorting shapes and completing investigations.  


Thank you for your continued support.

2R Parents' Evening Times - Updated

24/2/20 Spellings

Dear Parents/Carers,


Next week is World Book Day!  We have many activities planned including designing and making a story setting. Please send in a shoe box by Thursday for your child to use.   


Furthermore, as part of our Oceania Topic, we will be making models of famous Australian landmarks. Therefore, please send in any boxes (such as cereal or shoe boxes), newspapers, magazines, kitchen roll cardboard tubes (not toilet rolls) or any other cardboard that will help us to make our wonderful models!


Thank you for your continued support,


Year 2 Team

24/2/2020.   Our learning for the week...



Our focus will be non-fiction books and information texts, especially those including information about landmarks in Australia.  We will research facts about these landmarks, then write the information we have found as a presentation.  To end the week, we will be presenting our findings to the class.  Also, we will be working on our reading skills and practising spelling words with suffixes.   Our grammar focus will be understanding how verbs change for the past and present tense.



We will be focusing on money.  We will making different amounts of money totals, calculating and giving change.  Also, we will be ordering money totals and using the more than and less than signs.

Reasoning and investigative work will continue.


Thank you!


Year 2 Half Term Homework 

Dear Year 2,

For your homework, we would like you to create a ‘Reading River’.  You will need to find as many items as you can that you read every day such as magazines, food labels, reading books, road signs, invitations, prices etc.  You can draw and colour, cut out labels, find images on the internet etc, to present your information and be as creative as you wish!  This needs to be handed in by Friday 28th February 2020.

Also, you will need to learn all your spellings from Tuesday 7th January 2020 for a revision test on Monday 24th February 2020.  Please note there will be no ‘sentences’ homework over half term.

In addition, please continue with reading and learning your 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.

We hope you have the most wonderful half term!  Thank you for all your hard work!

Year 2 Team

PS.  Parents – we thank you for all your support – it is very much appreciated.  Have a lovely half term with your child(ren)!


10.2.20   Our learning for this week...



We will focus on descriptive writing. We will revise expanded noun phrases and use different types of punctuation including exclamation marks, question marks, commas in lists and apostrophes for singular possession.  We will also be introducing similes to help with descriptive writing.  Our grammar work will focus on understanding and using the four types of sentences, which are statements, questions, exclamations and commands.



We will focus on revising the empty number line method for addition and subtraction.  We will revise how to draw pictorial representations for solving multiplication and division number sentences and word problems. Our reasoning work will also continue.


Thank you for your continued support.

Have a lovely half term.

Spellings set 3.2.20


















3/2/2020  Our learning next week...



We will be continuing our work on 'The Day the Crayons Quit'.  Our focus will be writing a story about a 'magical crayon'.  We will look at story structure, developing character and setting as well as using different types of conjunctions.  Also, we will learn how to use apostrophes for singular possession.  Our reading and spelling activities will continue.



We will be solving real-life word problems for multiplication and division.  We will be using bar modelling to show our understanding as well as using the methods we have learnt to solve the problems, (drawing arrays for multiplication and drawing circles for division) .  Also, we will be continuing work on mathematical reasoning and continuing to learn how to provide explanations for our mathematical thinking.


Thank you for your continued support. 

27.1.20  Our learning...


Literacy.  Our focus book will be The Day The Crayons Quit by Oliver Jeffers.  We will be looking at persuasive language and planning a response letter from Duncan (the main character) to the crayons.  Our punctuation focus will be using capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks and question marks correctly.  


Numeracy.  Our focus is multiplication and division. We will be using arrays to show multiplication in different ways and solving multiplication word problems.  We will also be sharing amounts of objects practically and dividing numbers using circles to show our working out.  We will explore the concept of division being the inverse of multiplication and we will write these as calculations.  


Thank you for your continued support.

20/1/20  Our learning next week...



We will be continuing our study of Edward Lear's work by finding out about limericks.  We will be annotating different limericks through analysing the language and meaning behind them. Also, we will be expressing our own opinions and views about the limericks.  Then we will be writing our own expanded noun phrases and rhyming words to help us write our own limericks.  We will be learning about rhyming scheme and syllables to help us.  Our grammar, spelling, reading and handwriting will also continue.  



We will be focusing on adding by drawing and using empty number lines to add a one-digit number to a two-digit number and also to add two two-digit numbers together.  We will be solving addition word problems and explaining how we worked them out.  We will continue to improve our reasoning skills through discussion and problem solving.


Thank you for your continued support.

Spring Term Curriculum Newsletter

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Wishing you all a wonderful 2020!


13/1/2020 Our learning for this week...


We will be continuing our work on 'The Owl and the Pussycat' by Edward Lear.  We will be writing our own verses of the poem by making changes to the adjectives and the nouns.  Part of our work will include studying new vocabulary in the poem, using expanded noun phrases and describing a fantasy wood where the Owl and the Pussycat may have visited.  Our spelling focus will be identifying changes to the spelling of words when adding -ed.   



We will be working on Data Handling.  As part of this topic, we will be carrying out surveys to collect data, using tallying to total our responses and constructing pictograms and block charts.  Also, we will be asking and answering questions about data.  


Please see information below regarding TIMES TABLES ROCKSTARS.


Thank you for your continued support.





Monday 13th January - Friday 17th January: Times Tables Rockstars Challenge against 8 other schools in Enfield. Remember to log on and practise times tables games for AT LEAST 10 MINUTES every day! Attached is a document with information on how to use the site.

12/12/19  Information about the last week of term...


The Nativity - Tuesday 17th December 2019 and Wednesday 18th December 2019

We are so excited that we will be performing to the parents on the above dates.  The children have worked so hard to learn their lines, improve their acting skills and remember the words to many songs.  2F parents are invited to attend on Wednesday 18th December and 2R parents are invited to attend on Tuesday 17th December.  


Panto Trip - Monday 16th December 2019

Children will be eating their lunch at school as usual.  We will then be leaving school at 12.20pm by coach to get to the Millfield Theatre.  Please make sure your child brings a snack and a named water bottle with them.  Their snack will be eaten during the interval.  


Party - Tuesday 17th December 2019

Children can come to school dressed in their party clothes.  Please ensure their clothing and footwear is suitable for school.  Also, they can bring in their own 'party food box' with their own party food which should include a selection of snacks of their choice.  Children do not need to bring in party food for their class, unless they wish to. 


Toy Day - Thursday 19th December 2019

Children can bring in a toy or game to play with their friends.  Please do not bring in anything valuable or electronic. Thank you. 


Thank you for your wonderful support this term.  Have a fantastic Christmas break and we will see you in 2020!


Year 2 Teachers 



12/12/19 Christmas Holidays Homework Information

Dear Parents/Carers,
Please support us in our journey on becoming an 'Eco Friendly School' by providing your child with a named, reusable bottle of water for our trip to the pantomime on Monday 16th December.
Thank you for your support
Mrs Adem (PSHE Lead)

9/12/19 Our learning next week...



We will be writing letters and focussing on being accurate with punctuation. For punctuation, we will be revising the correct use of full stops, capital letters, exclamation marks, question marks and commas in lists.  Also, we will be recapping how to form letters correctly and ensuring they are consistently sized.  



We will be continuing our work on 2D and 3D shapes.  We will be investigating shapes and finding similarities and differences between various shapes.  Furthermore, we will be using nets to construct 3D shapes.


Please note there will be no new spellings to learn next week.  Children will need to revise the spellings from this half term for a revision spelling test after the Christmas break.


Thank you for your continued support.

2/12/19 Spellings

Our Learning for the week commencing 2.12.19



We will be continuing to study non-fiction books and we will finish creating our own non-fiction text about animals.  Our punctuation and grammar work will continue as revision of what we have learnt so far in Year 2.



Our focus will be Shape.  We will be learning the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We will also be investigating their properties and comparing different shapes.


Thank you for your continued support.


2R have been investigating which material will be the best to make a pair of dungarees. Here they are testing the durability of different materials. 


Visit for ideas and activities that you can do at home, books your child can read and places you can visit to further your child's understanding of this science topic.


Aut 2.5 Spellings

21/11/19 Our learning next week...


We will be continuing our work on non-fiction texts.  We will focus on animal texts.  Children will choose an animal and they will research facts and information about it.  They will then create their own book about the animal, using the information they have found.  These books will be placed in our book corners.  Our grammar focus will be using expanded noun phrases and conjunctions.  Our reading, punctuation and spelling work will continue.



We will be starting work on division. We will be sharing objects into groups of 2, 5 and 10 and learning the symbols associated with division calculations.  We will be learning how to draw pictures (circles) to help us work out the correct answer.  Also, we will be solving word problems with division.


Thank you for your continued support.

21/11/19 Spellings

This year the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has its 30th birthday. We think this is worth celebrating! We want to find out what life was like before the CRC was adopted by the UN in 1989. You will do this by talking to people that you already know who may have been children or even adults in 1989, such as your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or other trusted people in your community. Mrs Adem has put some prompt questions below to help you. You must interview a chosen adult and then bring your answers back to school by Monday 25th November. You can present your work anyway you choose to, such as; making a poster, PPT presentation, photographs, video or just written question and answers. We look forward to sharing your work with the rest of the class and the school.

18/11/19  Our learning for this week...



We will be starting our topic on non-fiction texts.  We will begin by looking at the structure and key features of non-fiction texts.  Then, we will be researching information to create a factual poster about a topic.  We will also be answering comprehension questions about a non-fiction text.  For our grammar work, we will be working on expanded noun phrases and the Year 2 common exception words for spelling.



We will be continuing to focus on subtraction.  We will be learning that the inverse of subtraction is addition and subtraction cannot be done in any order (not commutative).  Also, we will be solving word problems with subtraction and recognising language associated with subtraction, including find the difference, fewer, less than, reduce, how many are left, etc.


Thank you for your continued support.


11/11/19 Spellings

11.11.19    Our learning for this week...


Literacy. We will be continuing to read: The Disgusting Sandwich.  We will be writing a description of our own disgusting sandwich.  The focus will be using word classes (nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs) as well as alliteration to describe the sandwich.  We will use a thesaurus to extend our vocabulary.  In grammar work, we will focus on statements and questions, and the punctuation needed for them. 


Numeracy.  Our focus is subtraction.  We will be using bar modelling to show our subtraction story before working it out by using an empty number line.  We will also use the language of 'find the difference' and 'reduce' when solving subtraction problems.  Through practical shopping activities, we will subtract money and calculate change.  The children will investigate the concept of inverse and understand that the inverse of subtraction is addition. 


Thank you for your continued support.

1/11/19  Homework

There will be no literacy or numeracy homework this week  as the Great Fire of London homework needs to be completed for Friday 8th November 2019. 

Learning spellings, writing sentences and reading homework will need to be completed as normal.  

Aut 2.2 Spellings

4/11/19  Our learning next week...



We will be continuing with our work on 'The Disgusting Sandwich' by Gareth Edwards.  We will be writing the story from the badger's perspective.  The main focus will be using more interesting words and using full stops and capital letters accurately.  Also, we will be revising the word classes: adjectives, nouns and verbs.   Reading comprehension will also be worked on by answering questions about characters, setting and events as well as inference questions.  



We will be revising partitioning numbers into tens and ones in different ways such as 20+5=25, 10+10+5=25.  Furthermore, we will be rounding numbers to the nearest ten and solving addition problems using the partitioning method.  For example:

36 + 21 = 

30 + 20 = 50

6 + 1 = 7

50 + 7 = 57.


Thank you for your continued support.  

29/10/19 Spellings

Week Beginning 28.10.19


Literacy.  We will be focusing on reading skills.  We will be predicting what may happen next in a text by discussing ideas and developing them further.  We will be learning how to use inference skills to enable us to dig deeper into a text and think about the author's intentions.  Also, we will be analysing the language an author uses for effect.  Our spelling, punctuation, grammar and handwriting work will continue.


Numeracy.  We will be revisiting place value to ensure we can recognise, read and write numbers to at least one hundred.  We will be ordering numbers using the more than/less than symbols.  We will also be sequencing numbers by counting in steps of two, five, ten and other amounts from any number, both forwards and backwards. We will continue to investigate and extend our understanding of number and place value.


Thank your for your support.

Half Term Homework

Half Term Ideas!


The children have been so excited to learn about the Great Fire of London this term.  To support their learning, you may wish to visit the Monument (and climb it!) and the Museum of London, which has an exhibit about it.



After Half Term.

When we return to school, Year 2 will be in the Temporary Building.  We are looking forward to our new home! The children have been shown where their new classrooms are and have been given a talk about using the stairs safely.  As we have drinking water in the classrooms, we would like the children to bring in water bottles and these can be refilled during the day.  At the end of the day, we will bring the children out into the playground and stand in our class groups ready to dismiss them.  Please talk to you children about ensuring they stay with their teacher until their name is called.  It is important that they do not run to whoever is collecting them, without their teacher knowing.  Thank you for your co-operation and support this term. 



We took part in drama and dance activities in our Great Fire Of London workshop today!

Peace and Justice month - we made Andinkra cloth designs, by printing with wooden blocks. They look great!

Spellings - set 7.10.19


Adding the suffix -ed to verbs


1. called

2. walked

3. talked

4. jumped

5. played

6, changed

7. danced

8. poured

9. listened

10. sprinted

11. hummed

12. hopped

13. shopped

14. skipped

15. dropped

7/10/19  Our learning for next week...



We will be linking our writing to The Great Fire of London.  We will be creating word webs by extending our vocabulary and linking these to the word classes of nouns, verbs and adjectives.  We will also be writing a diary entry and a recount of The Great Fire of London.  For our grammar work, we will be learning about adverbs.  For our punctuation work, we will be revising how commas are used in lists.  Our reading and spelling work will continue as usual.  



Our focus will be telling the time using o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.  Also, we will be sequencing time showing events of the day and solving word problems associated with time.


Thank you for your continued support.

30/9/19 Spelling List

2F's Class Assembly Letter

30/9/2019  Our Learning


Next week, we will be continuing with the text, Dear Teacher' by Amy Husband.   The children will be writing a story about the adventure they will go on, instead of going to school.  They have thought of some amazing and very imaginative ideas about why they can't come to school!  Our punctuation focus will be using exclamation marks and question marks correctly.  Spelling, grammar, handwriting and reading comprehension activities will also continue as normal.



Next week, our focus will be multiplication.  We will be using repeated addition as a method of multiplication before moving on to representing multiplication as an array.  We will be using multiplication facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.  Also, we will be writing multiplication sentences using the x symbol and solving multiplication problems.


Thank you for your continued support.



23/9/2019 Spellings

23/9/19    Our Learning


We will be reading a text called 'Dear Teacher' by Amy Husband.  Our writing focus will be to write our own letters using conjunctions to extend our sentences.   We will continue to focus on using punctuation more accurately in our sentences, especially full stops and capital letters.  Our spelling activities link to the weekly spelling test words.  Reading comprehension lessons will also begin this week.



We will be focusing on adding and looking at different strategies to help us add different amounts.  We will be extending our learning by solving calculations with missing numbers such as   ? + 15 = 32.    Also, we will be solving word problems by learning the vocabulary associated with the different mathematical concepts to help us.  We will be applying the methods we have learnt to help us solve the problems.   


Thank you for your continued support.

16/9/19 Spellings

Our learning for the week beginning 16.9.19


In Literacy we will be studying the book: Not Now Bernard.  We will be focusing on using expanded noun phrases to describe characters as well as writing an alternative ending for the story. We will continue to work on using punctuation more accurately. 


In Numeracy we will be focusing on adding numbers using pictorial representations.  We will be adding three one digit numbers as well as adding a one digit number to a two digit number and a two digit number to a two digit number.  We will be learning how to partition numbers in order to add them. We will be extending our knowledge by solving addition word problems. 


Homework set 13.9.19


This week's homework is Literacy and it can be found in the orange homework books.

The children's task is to describe their favourite character using adjectives which has been our focus this week.  Please make sure the homework is returned by Wednesday next week. Thank you. 


Autumn Curriculum Newsletter

Spelling set 10.9.19

Presentation from Meet The Teacher (9.9.19)

Welcome to Year Two!


The children are settling in very well, learning new routines and coping well with the changes to the school.   


Year Two Teachers