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Year 2

We took part in drama and dance activities in our Great Fire Of London workshop today!

Peace and Justice month - we made Andinkra cloth designs, by printing with wooden blocks. They look great!

Spellings - set 7.10.19


Adding the suffix -ed to verbs


1. called

2. walked

3. talked

4. jumped

5. played

6, changed

7. danced

8. poured

9. listened

10. sprinted

11. hummed

12. hopped

13. shopped

14. skipped

15. dropped

7/10/19  Our learning for next week...



We will be linking our writing to The Great Fire of London.  We will be creating word webs by extending our vocabulary and linking these to the word classes of nouns, verbs and adjectives.  We will also be writing a diary entry and a recount of The Great Fire of London.  For our grammar work, we will be learning about adverbs.  For our punctuation work, we will be revising how commas are used in lists.  Our reading and spelling work will continue as usual.  



Our focus will be telling the time using o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.  Also, we will be sequencing time showing events of the day and solving word problems associated with time.


Thank you for your continued support.

30/9/19 Spelling List

2F's Class Assembly Letter

30/9/2019  Our Learning


Next week, we will be continuing with the text, Dear Teacher' by Amy Husband.   The children will be writing a story about the adventure they will go on, instead of going to school.  They have thought of some amazing and very imaginative ideas about why they can't come to school!  Our punctuation focus will be using exclamation marks and question marks correctly.  Spelling, grammar, handwriting and reading comprehension activities will also continue as normal.



Next week, our focus will be multiplication.  We will be using repeated addition as a method of multiplication before moving on to representing multiplication as an array.  We will be using multiplication facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.  Also, we will be writing multiplication sentences using the x symbol and solving multiplication problems.


Thank you for your continued support.



23/9/2019 Spellings

23/9/19    Our Learning


We will be reading a text called 'Dear Teacher' by Amy Husband.  Our writing focus will be to write our own letters using conjunctions to extend our sentences.   We will continue to focus on using punctuation more accurately in our sentences, especially full stops and capital letters.  Our spelling activities link to the weekly spelling test words.  Reading comprehension lessons will also begin this week.



We will be focusing on adding and looking at different strategies to help us add different amounts.  We will be extending our learning by solving calculations with missing numbers such as   ? + 15 = 32.    Also, we will be solving word problems by learning the vocabulary associated with the different mathematical concepts to help us.  We will be applying the methods we have learnt to help us solve the problems.   


Thank you for your continued support.

16/9/19 Spellings

Our learning for the week beginning 16.9.19


In Literacy we will be studying the book: Not Now Bernard.  We will be focusing on using expanded noun phrases to describe characters as well as writing an alternative ending for the story. We will continue to work on using punctuation more accurately. 


In Numeracy we will be focusing on adding numbers using pictorial representations.  We will be adding three one digit numbers as well as adding a one digit number to a two digit number and a two digit number to a two digit number.  We will be learning how to partition numbers in order to add them. We will be extending our knowledge by solving addition word problems. 


Homework set 13.9.19


This week's homework is Literacy and it can be found in the orange homework books.

The children's task is to describe their favourite character using adjectives which has been our focus this week.  Please make sure the homework is returned by Wednesday next week. Thank you. 


Autumn Curriculum Newsletter

Spelling set 10.9.19

Presentation from Meet The Teacher (9.9.19)

Welcome to Year Two!


The children are settling in very well, learning new routines and coping well with the changes to the school.   


Year Two Teachers