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Dear parents/carers

As part of literacy in year 4, we are currently learning about writing different types of letters. Could we therefore please ask you to send in a stamp with your child by Friday 29th November so that your child can go to the post box and post a letter that they have written. We hope that you can help us give the children an experience of writing and sending letters with a purpose.


If you have any questions, please feel free to come and see us.


Kind regards,


Mr Dungate & Ms Dogan



Homework - 15/11/2019


Dear year 4 parents and carers,

During our literacy lessons this week, year 4 have been planning and writing a set of instructions on how to make a perfect pizza!

This week, for homework, we would like you to make a perfect pizza with your child, and send in photos of them making it and a photo of the finished pizza. (4 photos if possible)

The only catch is… your child is the one delivering the instructions!

We look forward to seeing the wonderful creations and we hope that you have a lot of fun in the process!

Kind regards,

Mr Dungate and Ms Dogan

This year the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has its 30th birthday. We think this is worth celebrating! We want to find out what life was like before the CRC was adopted by the UN in 1989. You will do this by talking to people that you already know who may have been children or even adults in 1989, such as your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or other trusted people in your community. Mrs Adem has put some prompt questions below to help you. You must interview a chosen adult and then bring your answers back to school by Monday 25th November. You can present your work anyway you choose to, such as; making a poster, PPT presentation, photographs, video or just written question and answers. We look forward to sharing your work with the rest of the class and the school.

Weekly times tables homework is set in Years 3-4 through the online website, Times Tables Rockstars. Below is a how-to guide for parents.

Science Museum trip:

On Friday the 8th November, Year 4 are going to the science museum. The tickets that we have acquired to utilise public transport allow for 12 adults to accompany the classes on the London Underground. Once members of staff have been allocated spaces from these numbers for risk assessment purposes, the allocation of parent helpers falls as follows:

4D = 3 parent helpers.

4KD = 4 parent helpers.

These parent helpers will be allocated and notified by tomorrow home time.


Unfortunately, no other adults can accompany us on the trip as the numbers allowed on the tickets for the Wonderlab activity zone and following show, are already set.


In addition, due to risk assessment purposes, we will not be able to accommodate further adults as helpers on the London Underground as this will nullify our risk assessment as we have already exceeded our required adult/child ratio.

We understand the concerns that may arise with travelling on public transport, but we would like to ensure you that both Ms Dogan and myself have utilised public transport on school trips before.


We are extremely grateful for the overwhelming interest and offers of support  for this trip, and we hope to be able to offer those who aren't selected a place on a different trip later in the year.


If you have any queries or questions, feel free to come and speak to either myself or Ms Dogan.


Kind regards,


Mr Dungate & Ms Dogan



Half Term Homework - Friday 18th October 2019


Dear Year 4 Parents/Carers, 


As part of our Anglo-Saxon history topic, we would like your child to research Anglo Saxon housing.


We would like your child to do two things

  1. Research Anglo Saxon housing i.e. what houses looked like, what materials they were made from, where were they located, any key features of the internal house and where these were located etc.

  2. Design and make their own scale model Anglo Saxon house.


The information researched may be presented as a page of information i.e. questions and answers, as a colourful poster with an image of an Anglo Saxon house with descriptive notes around it, or as a brochure displaying the information and images (as in estate agents brochures).


Here are some links to websites which may be a beneficial starting point for your child:


We understand that some of you may be on holiday over half term, so this work doesn’t have to be handed in until Wednesday 11th November, allowing almost two weeks once we are back at school. 


We look forward to seeing your research and all of your finished projects.


Have fun!


Yours sincerely, 


Mr Dungate and Mrs Dogan

4D ukulele music lessons


Web links to Maths games and worksheets to help support children with their understanding.

Trip to synagogue on Tuesday 15th October 


* Children will need a packed lunch to have upon our return to school

* Children can bring in tinned or non-perishable food to take to the synagogue which will be donated to a shelter for homeless people by the synagogue. This is as a contribution to the sukkot at the synagogue.


Thank you.

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