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Year 4

Thank you to some of our old students who came to help their siblings with making chairs.

Thank you to some of our old students who came to help their siblings with making chairs.  1

International Day!


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Friday 28th June, is our 'International Day'! This is a non-uniform day to celebrate our cultures and nationalities. Please come in dressed to represent a country your family is from, or a country you were born in, or a country you have been to. 



  • To discover where we are from and where we have been, becoming aware of how global our world is. 

  • To use the day to celebrate one another and consolidate 'British Values'


Sikhism talk from Mr Brar

Sikhism talk from Mr Brar 1
Sikhism talk from Mr Brar 2

Year 4 Hindu temple lunch information:

Please find below information regarding lunch provision for the Hindu temple visit on Thursday 16th May.

The temple provide a cooked vegetarian lunch for all children so there is no need for the children to bring a packed lunch with them.

If however your child has specific dietary requirements, i.e. food allergies, then they may bring a vegetarian packed lunch with them. This must not include any traces of meat, fish, eggs or any derivatives such as cheese, yoghurt, cakes or anything which has gelatine.

More information can be found in the document below.

Year 4 Hindu temple lunch information

Year 4 Hindu temple visit:

This is a reminder that the year 4 trip to the Hindu temple has been rearranged from the 23rd of May to the 16th of May due to school being closed on the 23rd of May for European elections.

Literacy homework - 10/05/2019 (2 weeks to complete)

Weekly spellings - week commence 07/05/019

Literacy homework - 03/05/2019

Weekly spellings - week commence 29/04/2019

Literacy homework - 26/04/2019

Weekly spellings - week commence 24/04/2019

Congratulations to Max in 4D who came 2nd in the Mayor’s Writing Award!

Summer Curriculum Newsletter

Spelling Revision


We have not set any new spellings as we would like the children to revise the words from the last term in preparation for a revision spelling test for when we return after Easter. 


We hope that you enjoy the Easter break and look forward to seeing you in the summer term.



Production times:

For this evenings production performance could the children please be in at 6:00pm in order to get changed and receive make up etc. The actual performance will start at 7:00pm and hopefully will be finished by half past 8 at the latest.

Thank you for all of the help with learning lines and costumes etc

We hope that you enjoy it as much as we have creating it! smiley


Homework - 14/02/19

Over the next couple of weeks we have decided not to set any literacy homework as we would greatly appreciate it if the children could practise their parts for the forthcoming production. 

When practising their lines, the children should not only attempt to memorise them, but also focus on using great expression and really emphasising their words in order to fully act their roles.


Thank for all of your help and support thus far, and thank you in advance for it's continuation... it is much appreciated! smiley

Mrs Dogan and Mr Dungate


Year 4 had a great morning making volcanoes and consolidating their learning from the previous day’s trip. A very big thank you to all of those who came in to help make it such a successful lesson.

Year 4 Natural History Museum Trip

Natural History Museum Trip Monday 11th March


A reminder that year 4 are on a school trip on Monday. Children will need to be in school at 8am for registration. The coach will be departing at 8:30am promptly. 


Thank you, 


Mrs Dogan and Mr Dungate

Parents' Open Morning - Tuesday 12th March - 9:15am - 10:30am


As year 4 will be making models of volcanoes we would be grateful if the children could bring in 1 litre plastic water bottles, cardboard boxes and newspapers.


We look forward to having as many parent helpers as possible to help us construct our model volcanoes. Be prepared to get your hands dirty! 


Thank you!


Mrs Dogan & Mr Dungate

Spellings - week commence 25/02/2019

4KD have worked in groups to create their own performance poetry!

After planning, writing and editing, we then put to performing our poems, however the videos are to large to be uploaded... we have posted our poems below so that you can read them for yourselves (or better still get your children to read and perform them to you!)

4KD's performance poems!

4D have been creating performance poetry!

We set about planning, writing and editing our poetry before performing it.

Have a look below at some of our amazing creations!

Performance poetry by Jakub and Annika

Still image for this video

Performance poetry by Max and Ellie

Still image for this video

Performance poetry by Evin, Nasara, Darya and Aayush

Still image for this video

Performance poetry by Lana and Zahra

Still image for this video

Performance poetry by Eliza and Zachary

Still image for this video

Performance poetry by Aanand and Gabby

Still image for this video

Performance poetry by Brian and Eliyane

Still image for this video

Performance poetry by Deen and Aiza

Still image for this video

Performance poetry by Shey and Saakhi

Still image for this video

Performance poetry by Markos and Saath

Still image for this video

Performance poetry by Nektarios and Gabriel

Still image for this video

Performance poetry by Loucas

Still image for this video

Half Term Homework


In preparation for the year 3 and 4 school production we would like the children to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, if possible. 


We hope everyone has a great half term! 


Mrs Dogan and Mr Dungate 

Art and Design Competition (optional)

Fourth Plinth Schools Award 2019

Year 4 Church Visit - Learning about Baptism and the Church

Year 4 Maths Assessment


Topics to be covered:


  • Rounding
  • Proportion
  • Translation of shape
  • Coordinates
  • Angles
  • Place value
  • Column addition and subtraction 
  • 2 step word problems
  • Multiplication 
  • Division 
  • Estimating

Homework – 8/2/2019

For your homework we would like you to edit and amend, and copy out the stories that you have written this week for the Mayor’s writing award.

Please check:

  • Spellings
  • Punctuation
  • Openers
  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Conjunctions
  • Adverbs


  • Fronted adverbials
  • Tense choice is consistent
  • At least 1 X Literary device:

alliteration, onomatopoeia, simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, oxymoron

  • But above all… Check that it makes sense!!!


Remember that your story cannot be any longer than 2 sides of A4 (including pictures), and it must be handwritten!



Spellings - week commence 4/2/2019

Making a switch in science

Spellings - week commence 28/1/2019

Spellings - Week commence 21/01/2019

Homework - 18/01/2019

Spellings - week commence 14/01/2019

Spring Curriculum Newsletter

Spellings - Week commence 7/1/2019

Homework - 10/1/2019

Year 4 Christmas Party


Year 4 will be having their party on the afternoon of Thursday 20th December. They are allowed to bring in party clothes which they can change into in the afternoon.


Please see the school's agreed party food list.


Juice cartons x15

Juice cartons x15

Grapes x2 packs

Veg sticks



Cheese x15

Cheese x15


Fairy cakes (no icing) x15

Fairy cakes (no icing) x15

Paper plates x30

Plastic spoons


Melon boats


Garlic bread



Fruit kebabs


Mini pancakes/ crepes

Fruit roll ups x15

Fruit roll ups x15


Ukulele Concert

Still image for this video

Open Morning 29/11/2018

A big thank you to everyone who came to the open morning and helped us to create some wonderful money containers.

Your help was much needed and very appreciated! smiley

The year 4 team 

Homework - 29/11/2018 Prefixes

Spellings - Week commence 26/11/2018

Explosive experiments at the Wonderlab - 3

Still image for this video

Explosive experiments at the Wonderlab - 2

Still image for this video

Explosive experiments at the Wonderlab - 1

Still image for this video


4D's Class assembly about the Anglo Saxons

Literacy Homework - 23/11/2018

For your literacy homework this week, we would like you to create a poem for a times table of your choice.

For each multiplication we would like a sentence which rhymes with the end of the calculation.

Below is an example from the seven times table:


Maths is great, it’s a great thing to do,

Six times seven is forty two. (6 X 7 = 42)


You must write a rhyming sentence and calculation for each of the calculations in the times table.

You can pick any times table that you like, however it is best if you pick one that you find difficult or struggle with as writing a poem will help you to remember it.

Spellings - week commence 19/11/2018

Maths - week commencing 19/11/18


This week in maths year 4 will be reading and writing the time in the digital and analogue form. They will also be learning about the 24 hour clock. 

4D enjoyed making pizzas whilst following their own instructions incorporated with their understanding of fractions.

Homework - Week commencing 12/11/2018


Your task this week is to apply what you have learnt through instruction writing in literacy by making a pizza with someone at home. As we have covered this in class, you should be able to use time connectives and imperative verbs to instruct the person you are cooking with and explain why each step is necessary.

You can make any kind of pizza you like.

All we would like next week is a photo of you making the pizza and one photo of the finished deliciousness!

Once you have created your pizza, you could then discuss what you have learnt about fractions in numeracy with the people you share it with!


Below is the name of the dough which we used to make the pizzas in class, which is available from Sainsburys or Waitrose:

The Northern Dough Co. Pizza Dough Original/Wholemeal


All that is left to say is we hope you have fun and bon appétit! smiley

Spellings - week commence 12/11/2018

4KD had great fun working together to follow our own instructions to make pizza. Once the pizzas were cooked, we discussed fractions as we cut them into 2/2, 4/4 and 8/8... and then we tucked in and they were delicious!

Maths - Week commencing 12/11/18


Year 4 will be continuing to learn about fractions and moving on to learn how to divide by 10, 100 and 1000. 

Year 4 at church memorial lesson

Year 4 at church memorial lesson 1

4KD enjoyed the memorial lessons at the church

Homework - 08/11/2018 Commas

Maths support

If you would like extra support/work for your child to complete with regard to mathematics, there are a couple of things that can be found on the MyMaths website.

When you first log in using your child's username and password, four tabs appear; the first of which is labelled 'homework'.

If you click on the 'results' tab you can check the results of your child's homework, and if there is an area where you feel that they need more practise, then they can redo that homework and practise sessions.

If you click on the 'resources' tab, you will see how much of each year groups curriculum they have completed previously (years 1, 2 and 3) and if you deem it necessary then they can complete the curriculum from the previous years to solidify their knowledge and understanding.

There is also the 'games' tab which your child can access and play games which link to maths skills which they either have or will need during their homework.


Also, here are a list of websites which you and your child can use for support/extensions with numeracy:



Weekly spellings - week commence 05/11/2018

Weekly Spellings - week commence 29/10/2018

Weekly spellings - week commence 15/10/18

There are no weekly spellings this week, instead we would like you to revise all of the spellings that you have had this half term ready for a test when we come back.


This month's Global Goal is 'Peace and Justice Month'.


We celebrate this goal by looking at significant people around the world in our past and present whom have been role models and have promoted equality. 


We were very privileged to have met a motivational speaker named 'Siya Twani' who came in and took our school assembly at the start of the month. He spoke to the children about the meaning of equality and the importance of acceptance and respect to others. He shared events from history which shows why Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King are role models.


Here are stories which show racial and social class equality. You can share these stories with your child/children to help their understanding of peace and equality; to start discussions on fairness; to discuss how we can help others today (Harvest Festival);



Ask the following questions;

How can you bring love and peace to your circle of friends and family? 

How can we promote peace and respect in our school and local community? 


Kind regards


Mrs Abdi (Humanities Lead) and Mrs Adem (Unicef Rights Respecting Lead)

Year 4 trip to Sha'arei Tsedek Synagogue

Spellings - week commence 8/10/18

4D outdoor PE

4D enjoyed taking part in the Peace and Justice workshop with Mr T

4D enjoyed taking part in the Peace and Justice workshop with Mr T 1
4D enjoyed taking part in the Peace and Justice workshop with Mr T 2

Spellings - Week commence 1/10/2018

yYear 4 enjoyed Dan ROro Theatre this afternoon

yYear 4 enjoyed Dan ROro Theatre this afternoon 1
yYear 4 enjoyed Dan ROro Theatre this afternoon 2

Homework 21/09/28

Spellings week commence 24/09/18

Homework 14/09/18

Spellings week commence 17/09/18

Spellings - week commence 10/9/18

Autumn Curriculum Newsletter