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Walker Primary School Inspiring a love of learning in a supportive community

Year 5 - Inspiring a love of learning in a supportive community.

A 5G Conversation in Mandarin

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Saakhi and Annika Talking in Mandarin

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Nektarios and Max Greeting Each Other in Mandarin

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We have been learning how to greet each other in Mandarin

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Excellent! Enjoying Mandarin.

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Mandarin Conversation

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Polly read 5G a book about animals trying to persuade a man to not chop their habitat's trees down - thanks, Polly!

Polly read 5G a book about animals trying to persuade a man to not chop their habitat's trees down - thanks, Polly! 1

Autumn 2, Week 5 Spellings (Test 2/12/19)

Please see the literacy homework below. Your child will have received two of the worksheets aimed at their ability level. 

Clauses + coordinating conjunctions

Clauses + subordinating conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctions + cohesion


If your child didn't bring the worksheet home they should look at the uploaded copies below and choose two which they feel provide an apropriate level of challenge for them.

Literacy homework - due in Tuesday 26/11/19.

The 5L Vikings!

The 5L Vikings! 1
The 5L Vikings! 2

The Fiercest Clan of Vikings Around!

The Fiercest Clan of Vikings Around! 1

Testing the strength of the shield wall with deadly spongeballs!

Testing the strength of the shield wall with deadly spongeballs! 1
Testing the strength of the shield wall with deadly spongeballs! 2

What an Exciting Viking Day! Thank you to parents who came to help us during Open Morning.

Autumn 2, Week 4 Spellings (Test 25/11/19)

Y5 Viking Day - Wednesday 20th November

Please take a look at the costume information below. If you read the information which was put up a month ago, don't worry  - it's exactly the same!

Y5 Viking Day - costume information

This year the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has its 30th birthday. We think this is worth celebrating! We want to find out what life was like before the CRC was adopted by the UN in 1989. You will do this by talking to people that you already know who may have been children or even adults in 1989, such as your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or other trusted people in your community. Mrs Adem has put some prompt questions below to help you. You must interview a chosen adult and then bring your answers back to school by Monday 25th November. You can present your work anyway you choose to, such as; making a poster, PPT presentation, photographs, video or just written question and answers. We look forward to sharing your work with the rest of the class and the school.

Children in year 5 are speaking Mandarin!

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Y5 are enjoying Mandarin class

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Autumn 2, Week 3 Spellings (Test 18/11/19)

Autumn 2, Week 2 Spellings (Test 11/11/19)

Autumn 1, Week 1 Spellings (Test 4/11/19)

Investigating Water Resistance - Boat Races! Which ones were the most streamlined and had the least water resistance?

Half-term Homework


Maths - Revision for an upcoming assessment after half term, using the maths assessment booklet given to you this Thursday. Due in on Tuesday 28th October.


Literacy - Spelling revision. Look at all of the previous spellings written down in your red spelling books and practise them, ready for a 'Big Spelling Test' after half-term. 


Also, we hope you have many opportunities to rest and have a lovely week. 


Miss Georgiou and Mr Lurie

Monday 14th October 2019 - Shakespeare Theatre Performance


Below are some photos taken during the Shakespeare Workshop that Years 5 & 6 watched today. We took part in a fantastic version of Romeo and Juliet, which we all really enjoyed. Even though the actors used the proper Shakespearean language, we were able to follow the whole story. If you look closely, you might even spot Romeo dressed as Spiderman! It's Romeo and Juliet but not as you know it...

Viking Day

Viking Day will take place on Wednesday November 13th. We're going to be doing some fun Viking-type activities, including making our own shields and axes!

Please keep the cardboard coming - we need quite a bit more to make shields of around 40-45cm diameter. It should be thick cardboard of around this size. We can't use smaller boxes so please don't send them in. See the document below for information on making your own costume.



Three super scientists from Year 5 visited St Monica's for an amazing STEM day with a focus on robotics. For pictures and videos, please have a look at the STEM tab on the Science Curriculum Page:



Autumn 1, Week 6 Spellings (Test 14/10/19)

Autumn 1, Week 5 Spellings (Test 7/10/19)

Gears, Pulleys and Levers... In other words, Legoland day!

Y5 Visit to Legoland

Last Monday Y5 travelled by coach to Legoland. The children had lots of fun learning about forces by actually experiencing them on the rides and finding out more in a one-hour workshop. They behaved fantastically and everyone had a very enjoyable day. Thanks very much to all the parent helpers who came along.  Photos to follow....bit of a technical hitch!

Viking Day - cardboard appeal!

We need cardboard for our Viking Day, which will take place in the last week of the half term.

The aim is for each child to make a viking shield so we need cardboard which allows us to cut a 40cm diameter circle out. 

Please ask friends and neighbours if they have any spare boxes. Local shops also often get their deliveries in large boxes so you might be able to get a few, which would be great for anyone who can't find big enough pieces of card.

Autumn 1, Week 4 Spellings (Test 1/10/19)

Literacy Homework (To be handed in on 25/9/19)

Autumn 1, Week 2 Spellings (Test 16/9/19)

Autumn Term 2019 - Meet the Teacher PowerPoint

Autumn Term 2019 - Curriculum Newsletter

Welcome to 5G and 5L!


(Academic Year 2019-20)