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School Council

School Council 2017 Values and Mission Statement


We encourage the children to have their say about school matters. This has been made possible by the formation of the School Council. The Council has been elected by the pupils themselves and has an important role to play in the development and improvement of the school for the pupils. 


The School council will meet regularly to discuss any matters or issues of interest to the children within the school environment, surrounding community and things affecting the world around them. This will tie in with our UNICEF Rights Respecting School Values. The School Council will also be working closely with our Unicef ambassadors to ensure all areas of our vision statement and values are met. 


As a School Council we see ourselves as the voice of all pupils in the school from Year one to Year 6. Our links with staff, parents, pupils, the governors and community enable us to participate in decisions about teaching, learning, fundraising and the success of our school.


Dear Walker Students,


If you have any issues that you would like to raise about things around school, please go to your class council representative. Alternatively, you can post your suggestion on the School Council board.


Thank you!


School Council representatives


Walker School Council representatives become Junior Travel Ambassadors...


A JTA is responsible for promoting active travel, walking, cycling or scooting, and road safety. As a team within our school community they also promote independent travel to their peers as they prepare for the transition from primary to secondary school.


As part of the promotion, JTAs could consider running the following:

  • Carrying out assemblies
  • Conducting surveys and classroom talks
  • Classroom talks
  • Helping to complete the school travel plan
  • Learning how to use our Journey Planner
  • Running competitions 


Please visit our School Council page and display board for new updates and events from our JTAs.