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Amendment to Safeguarding Policy 2020 during Covid Crisis

Designated Safeguarding Leads

"The welfare of a child is paramount"


Frances Warhurst - Headteacher (Lead)


Raakhee Tailor - Deputy Headteacher (Deputy Lead)


Marleen Booth  - Inclusion Officer (Deputy Lead)


Jo Hawkins - Phase 3 Leader (Deputy Lead)


Kathy Salmon School Mentor

Hayley Stevens  (Phase 1)


The following team have all had Safer Recruitment training. 

 F. Warhurst: Headteacher 

R. Tailor: Deputy Headteacher

Marleen Booth: Inclusion Officer,

Senior Leaders: Jo Hawkins, Hayley Stevens

Emily Georgiou   

Chair of Governors: Stelios Eliadesn 

Information re E safety "Fortnite Game"

Advice for families on Safeguarding/ Stranger Danger